The Faraway Land of Abandoned Things


Faraway Land of Abandoned Things


On the side of the road, laces tattered, leather faded, a shoe soaks up the late day sun. Once a vessel for a seafaring man, its destiny determined by a fickle sea in a violent sway or lurch of a boat, both succumbed to the ravages of a sudden rogue wave; the shoe and its human companion, ejected then sucked into the rotting rut of the forgotten deep.

A year passed before the shoe washed onto a California beach. An epidermis of sand stuck to leather warped and salted in turbulent waters; the shoe was picked up and tossed into a truck for carting, to the faraway land of abandoned things.

One more bump along the way, the shoe flew from the truck, landing with a silent thump; its sole flush against pavement away from the sun, the shoe slips into the shadows of another waning day, just a dusty mirage in a rearview mirror, lying on the side of the road.


I’m participating in Lillie McFerrin’s weekly Five Sentence Fiction prompt. This week’s prompt – Abandoned.


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    1. Lauren

      Thanks Meleah! The current prompt is “empty.” I think I’ll give it whirl in a day or two. Every Thursday, Lillie McFerrin posts a new five sentence prompt.


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