Microsoft, what were you thinking?

Bad Computer!

You're Fucked!


Never uninstall SoundMax from your computer. Yep, I did that and now my computer is mute and possibly even deaf.


My computer can’t speak. Never could actually. That was my shrill voice echoing off the screen.

I just wanted to tidy up the desktop a bit – throw out the trash, get rid of all those piles – not the ones on my desk. I use them as barricades.

So, I went through the list of applications on CCleaner, a free software program that cleans PCs, kind of like a housekeeper for your computer.

And I saw this program called SoundMax.

I don’t need that, I thought. – Dump it!

Click! Wham, Pow! Splat!

I KOed that sucker, that stupid sounding application called SoundMax that I thought was cluttering up my hard drive.

I was proud of myself until I realized my computer couldn’t speak anymore – Not a whir or an oy vey!

“No active mixer devices found,” said the error message, in sign language, during a desktop search for a sound card.

Active mixer what?

I’ll put it another way. My computer stopped saying shit out loud.

But I didn’t – Shit!!!!

When watching a video, people’s lips moved but stupid crap didn’t spew from their mouths.


So, I went back to CCleaner to try to reinstall that SoundMax program I thought I didn’t need but really, really need.

I tried reanimating it but in the world of PCs, once you kill a program, you can’t breathe life back into it.

At that moment, my husband walked into the room.

I accidentally uninstalled SoundMax, I said.

You shouldn’t have done that.

You think!

Try downloading it.

Shit, yeah! Great idea. NOT.

I Googled sound drivers, found a program called Sound Blaster and downloaded it. It didn’t fix the problem and even made things worse. It moved into my taskbar with all of its relatives, and now I can’t get rid of them.

Sound Blaster wasn’t on Microsoft’s populated list of applications. Of course, why would it be?

After hours of searching and purging spyware from my computer with SpyBot, crap that I had picked up in my cyber travels, I clicked on a Microsoft update from the control panel or wherever I ended up on my computer, and downloaded it – unzipped it – the program – and followed the set up prompts. Just when I thought my computer would regain the power of speech, I got the message: Missing HDA Audio Bus Driver – WTF!

Two weeks later, my computer’s still mute, my brain’s still mush.

And Microsoft is ready to announce Windows new breakthrough operating system, Shade.

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17 Comments Microsoft, what were you thinking?


    LMAO “shade”. Oh dear, I hope Window’s new Shade is better than it’s current operating system, Blind. I personally hate when my computer gives me the silent treatment.

  2. Phil

    Holy crap! I did not know that could happen. There has to be a way to install a sound program. Contact Microsoft help.

    Wait, that might anger you more when you are transferred to an Indian guy overseas who can hardly understand what you are talking about. Like the phone commerciall – “Hello, this is Peggy.”

  3. Lisa

    That sounds like a nightmare Lauren. Maybe you could ask Mayura, he’s a genius with that stuff 🙂
    At least you can work in peace and quiet now too.

      1. Lisa

        Yes he is @mayuraDeSilva or He is a genius to me 🙂 And so helpful. He did a post for me on making your computer last longer a while back. I still refer to it.

        1. Lauren

          I know! At work, I use Lion. It’s incredible. I have a Mac laptop with a OS. It still works. Just need a new battery and cord. I need to bring it into the Apple Store to see if it’s worth upgrading or not. I would even get a refurbished Mac laptop. They’re half the price of a new one.

  4. injaynesworld

    I gave up linking years ago. I was always trying to link up with someone who didn’t want to link up with me. I think it goes back to feeling unloved by my father. Wait… What are we talking about?


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