M.I.A. in FLA – I’m Back but My Brain Stayed!


Lauren flying through stars

My blog has been mute for a week.

Testing – one, two, three. Ahem. It’s back!

I found my voice, lost during silent strolls along Atlantic Beach – the sun on my back, fifty-degree ocean water at my feet. One quick toe dip, I stuck to sand and the sand stuck to me.


Feet in sand

Last Friday, hubby, son and I flew to Florida for the weekend, my first vacation in three years, not including the occasional mind trip.

Wing in clouds

The weather cooperated with my perception of Florida and dished out eighty-degree days of tepid bliss.

Rush hour on Neptune Beach

Dressed in flip-flops, Capri pants and a sleeveless blouse, I shuffled along sun-baked brick streets…

Atlantic Beach Walk

Sun baked brick walkway











…and ate homemade food outside local eateries with the wind in my hair, enjoying good food and conversation.

Zack morning


More fine dining at night. I washed down a red snapper with two martinis. Throughout dinner, the fish looked up at me, a full form specimen, laid out on my plate, wide-eyed on its side. That night, I broke my dining prime directive: never order food that can stare at you while you eat.


Fish food


A walk back to the room, through breezy ocean air, flushed the fish eyes from my mind. Later, I drifted off to sleep listening to waves wash onto the beach, the sound louder than my sleep machine at home. I tried to adjust the volume but couldn’t find the dial.


Neptune Beach Sunrise


When was the last time you went away?

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15 Comments M.I.A. in FLA – I’m Back but My Brain Stayed!

  1. Nicky

    I’m actually heading to Orlando next Sunday, for work. Glad you had a chance to get away for a bit. It looks lovely, but please don’t keep us in suspense! Did Heather say yes or no?

    1. Lauren

      I hope you get a chance to enjoy the warm weather. I didn’t see a brick with Heather’s response. I thought it was brick protocol to respond to a brick message by brick. I hope she didn’t throw it at him. I noticed one brick was missing from the sidewalk.

  2. Bryan

    I hate when you can’t turn down the waves. Sometimes I want to turn off the sun because it’s too bright, but God just won’t cooperate. Damn him…I mean, wait, then he’d have to damn himself? Oh, never mind. 🙂

    As for when we last went away, it’s been too long. I think the Bahamas in 2006…yikes, that is a long time ago.

  3. Phil

    Sounds like you had a nice getaway. My parents live in Ocala, FL. and I head down there a lot. It’s in the 80’s down there. Like summer. This makes me want to head back there now.

  4. June O'Hara

    Lauren, I’m so glad you got away. You deserve it. If only because of the amped up password requirement that is plaguing you at the moment. But technologically speaking, there’s so much more…

    I’m really glad you had a good time.

    1. Lauren

      I think I’m going to get a password manager because I’ve failed miserably at keeping track of them.

      Thanks. The vacation was great. Much needed getaway.

  5. Katherine

    HOW WONDERFUL! I have been DYING without my beach, my sand, my salt. Looking at your pictures… hearing your story… it actually brought some calm to me. I am so happy you were able to go on a REAL vacation… and to stick your toes in the sand!

  6. Andi-Roo

    I lived in St. Pete back in 1999, but haven’t been back to Florida since then. I miss it — and this post made me realize I need to plan a trip that direction. Glad you enjoyed your vacation. Sounds like you had a great time! 🙂

    1. Lauren

      Thank you. I went to Tampa University for one semester. Loved St. Pete. You can’t beat the weather. I’d like to beat this weather. It’s friggin cold here. 16 degrees. That’s a travesty.


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