Sick of the Same Old Cell Tower Disguises?

Don’t settle for boring when you can dress up your monopole with a fun cell tower disguise!

Campy Cell Tower Disguises is the premier cell tower costume company, brightening lives since 1999.

Our staff of certified microwave Arborists can spruce up any dull cell tower spruce.

And transform this…


Into this…


Just choose from one of our fun cell tower disguises.


Cell Tower Hat


Cell Tower Sunglasses


Cell Tower Hat and Glasses


Cell Tower Sunglasses and Mustache


 Or this favorite…


Cell Tower Fake Nose and Glasses


At Campy Cell Tower Disguises, we are committed to finding the best cell tower disguise to fit your needs.

Why plant a lifeless 150-foot cell spruce in your yard when you can glow in the dark and have fun, too, with one of our Campy Cell Tower Disguises.

Campy Cell Tower Disguises,

If you don’t want to see the same old tower through the trees.

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15 Comments Sick of the Same Old Cell Tower Disguises?

        1. Lauren

          You are hilarious. Now I understand the meaning of the title from your last post, “My Next Big Thing.” I’m trying to get a hold of the Jolly Green Giant. But, cell service sucks at the top of the beanstalk.

    1. Lauren

      Towers of craziness is right!

      I think the mustache and sunglasses really diminishes the tower’s chances of being recognized.

      Knowing cat, he’d probably climb one of those trees.

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  4. Phil

    This is too funny! I just saw a few of those towers while traveling and they look so bad! A fake mustache would do wonders!


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