Congress Incinerates the American Dream

In light of last night’s report on Congressional insider trading, which aired on Sixty Minutes, I thought it was appropriate to repost this rant from April 2011.


Several years ago, the universe shifted and knocked most of us off our feet, while others still reap in the rewards.

The ground is still not stable.


Uncanny things can happen at night in desolate...

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Every day we struggle to find a piece of debris that once was the American dream. The dream that has gotten away from most of us, that only one percent still holds.

Economic bon vivants and talking empty heads vomit words fed to them by lobbyists, while dining at restaurants, as, we, the people eat table scraps scattered across the floor.

It used to be easy to get in the door, but now there is a schism so wide it extends from shore to darkened shore, preventing us from picking up the dusty remnants of the American dream.


Fire in Dumpster

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We dust it off the homes we have to say goodbye to.

We dust it off the cars that were repossessed.

We dust it off our savings that dies slowly, while hooked up to life support.

We lost everything we once took for granted that we can’t take for granted anymore.

But not the bankers, politicians, and CEOs. They climb higher toward the pie in the sky on the greenbacks of the people that fell beneath them.

They are royalty and fat cats, gathering the leave-behinds that get smaller in the rearview mirrors of the cars driven by every man, for he is the fool who pays taxes and follows the rules, as lawyers hired by royalty help them jump through loopholes in the Cayman Islands.


Map of the Cayman Islands.

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But there are other places to go.

They move their corporations out of the United States to countries with lower tax rates. See the jobs disappear faster than a politician can pull a lobbyist out of his ass.

Now the fat cats own the American dream, while Americans sit and dream of the way life used to be.

There was a time we derived pleasure from simplicity but nothing’s simple anymore.

Several years ago, the universe shifted and knocked most of us off our feet, while others still reap in the rewards.

How can that be? When the dream died, did it put the CEOs in charge?

When did, we, the people snuff the fire from our eyes?

The fire is our only hope for taking back the American dream. Out of the ashes, one day our dreams will grow.

In October we fanned the flames, and now the fire burns brightly throughout the world.


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23 Comments Congress Incinerates the American Dream

  1. Comedy Plus

    And many lost everything because they used their home for an ATM to buy toys.  Then the crash (that’s happened many times in my lifetime) and they just walked away letting someone else foot the bill.  I’ve watched these folks all over my neighborhood who just laugh and walk off.

    As for the rich getting richer?  It’s always been this way.  They want it all and the politicians are very much to blame as they make the laws.  Both sides of the aisle.  They have been bought and sold and we the people don’t matter unless it’s election time. 

    Have a terrific day.  🙂

    1. Lauren

      A late response to your post. I know, and I apologize. Yes, there were irresponsible people buying homes but somebody had to approve the loans. And now those somebodies aren’t lending responsible people money. They’re just hoarding money in their vaults.

  2. Comedy Plus

    Oh and the fat cats don’t care about the marches around the world.  You see anything that’s changed?  Nope.  Won’t either.  Now if they’ll all march in Washington D.C. and no where else then things might change.  Might.

  3. Jayne

    I feel fortunate to have made it to the other side of the American Dream.   In semi-retirement now, I can say I pretty much achieved all the dreams that really mattered to me.  I’ve always felt fortunate to have been born when I was, lived when I did, and hopefully, will get off the planet before it all goes to shit.  On behalf of my generation that screwed things up so royally for those trying to make it today, I apologize.   I’m glad Lennon didn’t live to see what became of us.

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    1. Lauren

      Hi June
      I’ve been stuck in a mental rut and was in withdrawal mode. I’ve been so damn rude and have not responded to anyone’s comments or traveled the Intertubes reading blogs. I hope to shake off the rest of this shell and emerge into daylight.

  5. Amy Turner

    The politician are like magicians.  They are fast of hands and agile on their feet.  They can make things disappear and reappear.  And the resources?  They are the stuff, the props that the magicians use to make their craft a success.

    1. Lauren


      Yes!!!! Sorry. I’m at work at the moment, waiting for my boss to return.
      I’ve been immersed in earthbound crap. Overwhelmed on ground and above it. I feel bad for not responding to all the comments. I feel like a deer in headlights but that doesn’t me you can call me Bambi.

      I’ve also reached 52K words on my memoir or whatever it is that I’m writing.

  6. HumorSmith

    Love the new blog look Lauren. I laughed until I cried over the “American Scream” post. Or did I cry until I laughed? Doesn’t matter I suppose. I can’t afford Kleenex.

    1. Lauren


      How are things? I’ve been very bad at responding to comments lately. I’ve been bogged down with cyber and earthbound distractions. It’s time to flex my blogging muscles and step out of withdrawal mode.

      I’m really glad to see you.

  7. Ivy

    This is a very well written piece. The UFO artwork is spot on. It does feel like the American dream has been probed out of us.

    Hope all is well! 🙂

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  9. Candeda Wickham-Hurd

    I am an imminently homeless writer of hopeful surrealist comedy. i live in a six by six foot room crowded with what is left of my possessions. thank you lauren for telling it like it is.

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