Mother’s Day Celebrity Head Trip Getaways

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Mothers Day Celebrity Head Trip Getaways.

So many great packages from which to choose.

Ben Affleck Palau Getaway.
Enjoy endless hours of fun-filled fantasy in a bungalow on a secluded beach. Surrounded by crystalline waters and white powder sand, this all inclusive vacation comes with open bar, private cook, daily massages from Ben Affleck, and a 24/7 pastry chef.

Brad Pitt Costa Rica “Muy Bien.”
An erotic exotic remote holiday at a mud pack spa where mud is never dirty but you always are. Situated in a tropical rainforest beneath the Arenal Volcano, this private vacation spot, hidden among the trees, features a lava-heated pool, while Brad Pitt heats the rest of you.

Jon Hamm Starry Night Holiday. 
An incredible package, insanely inexpensive with crazy views of the picturesque valley in the lower Pyrenées. Hunker down with this handsome hunk in a charming B&B on the banks of the Gers-river. When you lose yourself in this Hamm holiday delight, you may find that you also lose your mind.

George Clooney Monte Carlo Rendezvous.
Located on the French Riviera, this exquisite Monte Carlo hideaway overlooks heart-pounding precipitous cliffs and breathtaking aquamarine Mediterranean Sea. And the management at this superb Casino also guarantees that George Clooney will always lose his shirt.

Adrian Grenier’s Beverly Hills Entourage for Two.
You’ll be wined and dined in LA’s most elegant restaurants, then take a dip in Adrian’s heated master bedroom pool, before ending your evening in the adjoining hot tub suite for recreational love wrestling and unlimited champagne.

Matthew McConaughey Caribbean Experience.
Crew for two in this ultimate romantic excursion on a private sailing yacht, a majestic vessel indeed. Moor and explore private coves and beaches at your leisure, as Matthew McConaughey rocks your boat.

Colin Firth Countryside Retreat.
Get spoiled in one of Britain’s un-spoiled misty golden hills. Savor the seductive seaside scents and raw excitement of England’s turbulent seas. Like the coastline, Colin is rugged, exhilarating and always salty. 

Josh Holloway Tropical Beach Fantasy.
In this off the charts island fantasy, you’ll be caught in the sway of the ocean and cool Pacific breeze, while lost in the heat of Josh’s shirtless embrace. Relish the warm splash of ocean on your sleek oiled bodies, as sky, sea, skin and sand become one. On this tropical fantasy beach, the only way you’ll be discovered is if you open your eyes.

Jude Law Holiday Retreat.
Jude Law can teach you a thing or two about love when on holiday in this quaint cottage in Surrey England, always a hot spot inside even if outside temperatures dip well below zero. When beneath the sheets with Jude Law, skin to skin, it’s as if you’re in the steamy hot tropics all over again. With this bad boy of Britain, this is one head trip you won’t soon forget.

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