I Pulled Weeds. Weeds Pulled My Back.


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The Weeds Won!


I started this blog in May 2009 after I lost my job. 

This weekend history repeated itself, repeated itself, with the back story that is.

Muddy Monday
figuratively speaking of course, though I’m not averse to getting dirty. The day before I tackled weeds. Today, I tackle the job market and the start of a new week. The jump from Sunday to Monday is a long one.

After track and field, it’s on to floored exercises, or mental acrobatics, and the incessant “Can I?” “Will I?” blind routine that lasts far longer than the allotted time.

Judges can be so cruel, especially Judges Ego and Id. They are far more critical than the Eastern bloc fringe. I try to ignore them and focus on the task – which is to maximize my strengths, minimize my weaknesses and gain control of my destiny, as long as Judges Ego and Id don’t sentence me.

Hiking across the bridge to back-to-back, back posts and the gardening fiasco.

After decapitating countless weeds, the survivors regrouped and put a curse on me.

Oh, Sciatica. The nerve of you.
Why do you own me and keep me locked in chains, as the links dig deep into my skin?

Oh, Sciatica, I’m so over you, yet you still choose to rule my life. No matter how hard I try to forget you, everything I do reminds me of you. When I sit. When I stand. When I limp across a room.

Oh, Sciatica, you’re such a pain in the “a.” It’s so disingenuous to say that you’ve got my back.

Oh, Sciatica, I curse your name and four more weeks of your endless stay. Only a shiny white pill can stifle the pain, just a temporary fix to cool the flame.

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