10.0 Hormonal Quake!

According to the Richter scale, a 10.0 quake 
(15.0 gigatons) 
has never been recorded by humans,
at least until now.

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This week, hormonal seismic activity 
is off the charts. 

Humans scare me.  

I only interact with creatures with four legs or more.

Words I once used with ease like “hello.” 

Now get tangled up in my tongue.

I avoid the human genome at every cost. 

Does that make me a genomeaphobe?

To celebrate my temporary departure from the human race,

Please join me for a perimenopausal cocktail.

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and then on a  

Drive Past Asylum Street.

 Be sure to

Fasten Your Brain Belts. Turbulence Ahead.


 Mine is on a head-trip.

Please forgive me for not returning your calls.

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