Just A.D.D. and Me and the Circus in My Head.

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ADD means different things to different people.
To a mathematician, it means counting up.

To a contractor, it means increasing square footage. 

To the tangentially inclined, like me, it means living with a circus in my head, deciding between watching the high wire act, the trapeze artist or heading to the concession stand for some popcorn and a drink.

The ADD mind is like a three-ring circus that never stops. Thoughts race from one act to the other until the frontal lobe or ringmaster regains control. 

How does the frontal lobe regain control? – By keeping a to-do list front and center, taking meds or both. This empowers the frontal lobe who shouts, “Get back on task” into her megaphone. Then, hyperfocus enters the show, the ADD superpower that anchors the brain for hours on the main event.

Since I’m a two-solution kind of gal, I use both methods to regain control, a team of “fluster busters” that keeps me focused on the show unless I’m in creative mode, and then I follow the spot light to the flow of ideas whirling around the circus tent.

Do I drive people crazy? Most definitely, especially my husband who often doesn’t understand what I’m talking about. I start sentences in mid thought or continue conversations that ended hours ago. It goes without saying. I usually have “some splainin to do.”

The WTF look in my husband’s eyes is priceless and is usually followed by a jaw to floor drop. On occasion, he’ll scratch his head, perplexed, though other times it’s just an itch.

Keeping up with the frenetic fast forward thought thrust and double reverse back track requires a remote control and caption control or just the simple utterance of a “what?”

Lots of whats echo in my house. That’s when I hit the pause button, try to remember the plot and back up the Digital Thought Recorder (DTR) to the befuddle point right before the commercial break – the place that leaves me and other viewers with a blank screen moment, when a train of thought tangent falls off the tracks.

Then, I need to check the navigation system in my head to find my point.

There’s a circus in my head.

Without warning, darkness rips the filaments from the bulbs. Anticipation festers in the dark bewildered crowd, reflected in a murmur of sound.

A drum roll echoes, then a white light floods the ring where two dogs race in circles chasing their tails.

Wait! Those are my two dogs with one purpose in mind – to distract the distracted and send the ringmaster to her trailer to find the list.

Do you have a circus in your head?
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14 Comments Just A.D.D. and Me and the Circus in My Head.


    OMG Lauren! Do you even have to ask if I have a circus in my head? Thankfully for my husband, Disney made the movie "UP" with dog's that are thrown off trail by a squirrel. Now when my active mind goes off or on the track, my husband just says(with a smile of course) "Squirrel". May I ADD that I really enjoyed reading this post, and completely related! Happy happy Holiday!

  2. Lauren

    Snee: Love "squirrel!" I wish I were more like a Bloodhound. While they follow a scent, their eyelids shut just enough for them to see the ground. That's why they always need to be on a lead unless they're running in a wide-open space. Happy happy Holiday to you, too!

  3. ReformingGeek

    Ah, the confused husband. Hee Hee.

    On occasion, a circus forms in my head but then the elephant sits on the clown and the circus is asked to leave town.

    More often, though, I feel like the 2nd dog on a sledding team. The view never changes.

  4. Ziva

    I have a sister who is only a year younger than I am, and through the years we have developed telepathy. Our head circuses are identical, and often we'll both continue conversations dropped hours, days or weeks ago. I can start talking mid-sentence and she'll totally get it. Then again, poor M doesn't get anything at all. I bet he doesn't even have a clown in his head. It must be quiet.

  5. Lauren

    Ziva: My younger brother and I share dropped sentence telepathy. Everyone should have at least one clown in their head. Maybe M's clown got lost in the crowd at the concession stand.

  6. Mrsblogalot

    If I had a dollar for each time my brain fell off that high wire…Well then maybe I could afford to go to the circus (-:

    I say bring back the Vulcan Mind Meld to give our husbands a break..

    Pfft! Yeah, right.

  7. ManOverBoard.com

    Wishing you and yours Lauren a very happy holiday. I am also sending you good thoughts for an uplifting and successful New Years. 🙂 Big HUG!!!

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