Ideas Stew in a Crockpot not a Crackpot.

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Metaphorically Speaking.

I write even when I don’t write. Thoughts simmer in my head like a Crockpot stew, as extraneous distractions, potatoes and carrots, pop to the top of the meaty brew. But where’s the beef? Holding its breath at the bottom.

While thoughts simmer, the aroma wafts into my brain at work or in the car. To evict the thoughts, I must translate the chatter into decipherable words, which is a challenge, since I write like a chicken but don’t walk like a duck.

At the end of the day, I sift through the scent of words that linger in my notes, and the slaughter begins. The bland ideas get beheaded with a slash of the pen. The meaty ideas pass the smell test and move up the food chain to the taste-testing realm. If the flavors burst in cataclysmic waves in my mouth, I allow the ideas to simmer further. If the flavors die on my tongue, I wash them down with beer to clear the palate.

Writing and I have a love-hate thing. I love the sound of bubbling beefy ideas. They stimulate my brain buds and invigorate my day. Yet, I hate the obsession.

I crave ideas as a junkie craves junk. Every day, every minute, I relish the moment to savor another bite of my thought stew and add more stock to enhance the flavor. Whenever I have a moment, I sneak a taste of my salacious snack. I can never get enough.

If the weight of words were reflected in calories, I’d be next in line for “The Biggest Loser.” However, unlike a corpulent contestant on the show, I shed calories by typing. Strike that thought. Just my fingers lose their baby fat.

I’d be a sore sight for a peeping tom’s eyes. Skinny fingers poking out from lards of fat folded into a chair. A worthwhile inconvenience, as I’d be fat from the love of words and writing, glued to the seat of my seat by hours of writerly sweat. Oh, stinky me. I only hope my words smell sweet.

Do you write anything else beside your blog?
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13 Comments Ideas Stew in a Crockpot not a Crackpot.

  1. Sandee

    I don't hardly write anything anymore. I've never been the writer, but appreciate those that are.

    I spent 25 years writing reports while I was working. I also taught report writing. Go figure.

    Have a terrific day Lauren. 🙂

  2. injaynesworld

    Oh, Lauren… how I envy you. Right now my brain feels like the oil clogged wetlands on the Gulf Shore — every idea so covered in muck I can't even tell what it is, much less see it take flight.

    Well, crap — that was depressing.

  3. Mrsblogalot

    Lauren, you are as stewsational as ever! (sorry I couldn't resist). (-: I've missed you!! This post made me hungry for more words. I loved it!!

  4. HJ Smith

    I could almost smell the stew cooking as I was reading your post. Now I'm hungry. I jot notes constantly. When I read something thing interesting or have an inspiring thought, I write a few paragraphs and put it aside. I often find those thoughts useful in the future. I guess my thoughts need to age before they are ready for consumption.

  5. ReformingGeek

    I love your stew.

    I'm glad there are writers out there like you for me to read.

    I only write my blog. I used to write technical documents and I was pretty good at essays in school. Blogging is so much more fun!

  6. Lauren

    Welcome HJ: Sometimes the idea stew needs to be tweaked a bit, which entails growing the idea by sitting down and writing. In that case, the expression, "Stick a fork in it. It's done," does not apply.


    So clever! I'm currently stewing on a story as we speak. I think I have way too many carrots dangling in front of my nose and definitely not enough beef!


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