Where Have All the Windows Gone?

The office where I work boasts lovely views of the parking lot from four windows, soon to be zero.

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We are moving to new digs, literally, in the basement of the building. I literally hate the word literally.


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There will be zero windows in the basement. Count them! Zero, since we will be working underground, like rats or moles, although we will be in a far safer place in case of a terrorist attack from visiting Midwest tornadoes or Biblical locusts.

Today we discussed the end-of-days scenario in our cubicles and feared the worst until one brave soul dodged the Spam fields of cyberspace to discover WindowSane.com – the faux window solution for any subterranean hideaway.

Happy days! Our office will once again have four, uh, er, faux windows.

In addition to a view of Lake Tahoe, one of the oceans (don’t know which one), and autumn, the season of death, WindowSane offers nine European vistas, which are really views but are called vistas instead, and a porthole frame view of an ocean harbor (? harbor), a sunset, and the planet Saturn – yes, you’ll think you’re in outer space.

WindowSane is insane and I love it! Btw, I’m not pimping for them. I just think the idea is hilarious. I’m an easy laugh.

Here’s the QVC video I snagged from YouTube. It gets weird and is a bit long but the campiness kept me wondering how much wackier can this get. I turned it off about half way through.

What’s your view of the faux window views?
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13 Comments Where Have All the Windows Gone?

  1. Sandee

    Well, I can't imagine not having windows. Just saying. I don't know if the WindowSane idea would work for me. I'm thinking not.

    Have a terrific day. 🙂

  2. ReformingGeek

    The windows are made of foxes?

    Oh, faux, not fox.


    OK. OK. I would like it to change its view every 10 seconds, rotating from lovely beach scenes to mountains and through in a few tornadoes with debris fields just for the heck of it.

  3. Lauren

    Sandee: I guess WindowSane may have the opposite affect and have people jumping out of their skin instead of the faux window. Could cause head trauma.

    RF: LOL! Great point. I think WindowSane needs to upgrade to digital and loop the pictures. Who would want to look at Saturn during the day anyway.

  4. Ziva

    Ahh, no window, no fresh air, a rat in the corner. Makes me think of home. The only thing missing is a coffin so you can take a nap.

  5. Greg

    I'd have to have some sunlight, just having the fake window wouldn't do it for me.

    Hopefully he basement doesn't double as a dungeon..could get kind of rough.

  6. Snuggle Wasteland

    I don't think I could handle being in a windowless room all day. I'm not sure that Window Sane would cure my claustrophobia.

  7. Leeuna

    I think they should make faux doors. Imagine the confusion. I worked in a basement once. It wasn't too bad as long as I didn't think about it too much. And usually we were too busy to think of where we were.

  8. Lauren

    Leeuna: Faux doors even better, except if you try to walk through one. I'm sure I won't even notice we're underground until I try to open a window.


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