Mentamucil-The Natural Brain Laxative.

When You’re Blocked.

The number one preferred brain laxative of non-institutionalized shrinks, Mentamucil contains natural brain fiber that adds bulk to gray matter where thoughts matter most.  More brain fiber less WTF moments.

Taken daily, Mentamucil  improves colon and comma health by helping you move your vowels regularly. No more discomfort from introspective constipation or awkward moments from embarrassing brain farts. With Mentamucil, you’ll be able to clear your head without clearing a room.

Just one serving of Mentamucil in the morning eliminates frivolous thought retention throughout the day, while relieving painful word bloat.

Mentamucil also reduces the occurrence of hem and haw-rhoids, prevents diarrhea of the mouth, and alleviates moodiness associated with Irritable Brain Syndrome (IBS), a leading cause of writer’s block.

So, get Mentamucil today and say goodbye to stifled thoughts. With a daily dose of Mentamucil, thinking will never be a strain.

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      16 Comments Mentamucil-The Natural Brain Laxative.

      1. Leeuna

        Oh, this is hilarious. "Irritable Brain Syndrome". Bwhahahaha. I'm glad someone finally put a name to my condition. Thanks Lauren. Now where can I buy some Mentamucil?

      2. Lauren

        I wish I knew where to buy it. : ( I've got IBS today. The fog has rolled in. All flights of fancy have been grounded.

      3. Snuggle Wasteland

        If only this product really existed. You'd be a millionaire and I'd be able to write something decent.

      4. Ryhen Satch

        A rounded rectangle, with ninety degree circular arcs at the four corners, has G1 continuity, but does not have G2 continuity. The same is true for a rounded cube, with octants of a sphere at its corners and quarter-cylinders along its edges. If an editable curve with G2 continuity is required, then cubic splines are typically chosen; these curves are frequently used in industrial design.

        Holy Excrement! It "really" works! Now I know what a rounded rectangle is. Thank you for introducing me to Mentamucil, Lauren. This stuff is truly remarkable!!!

      5. Lauren

        SW: Ha! But you write something way better than decent anyway.

        Ryhen: You are hilarious. But what you just wrote is still making my head hurt.

      6. Tarheel Rambler

        Is there a discount if you buy this by the case? Maybe this would eliminate those embarrassing brain farts I seem to suffer from so frequently.

      7. Lauren

        Hi TR: Thanks for swinging by. I'm still having difficulty locating a Mentamucil distributor because of frequent brain farts. It's a vicious cycle. And frankly it stinks!

      8. THE SNEE

        I'm back! You're so incredibly funny! I almost can't stand it, I'm laughing so hard. Great idea, hilarious post!

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