Best Dead Stuffed Animal Gifts for the Home.

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       Top Selling Items

  • Guinea Pig Paperweights.
  • Parrot Wall Hangings – Wonderful decorative accents for any room.
  • Persian Cat Hand and Foot Warmers.
  • Hermie the Hamster and Gerry the Gerbil – Rodent Replacements. You never have to feed them.
  • Goat Drying Racks for the Mudroom.
  • Hedgehog Book Ends.
  • Pig Banks – For long-term saving. After stuffing the coins down the pig’s throat, they have to be surgically removed.
  • Kangaroo Umbrella Stands.
  • Platypus Paper Holders.
  • Pygmy Horse Supports for Lawn Jockeys.
  • Pelican Designer Wastebaskets.

Please feel free to add to the list.

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13 Comments Best Dead Stuffed Animal Gifts for the Home.

  1. Ziva

    I really like the Pig Banks, I'm going to get one of those myself. Now, here's a few things you could add to your list:

    Polar Bear Rug
    Moose Head Wall Hangings

    Bet you've never seen those before!

    No wait… Dammit!

  2. Lauren

    Ausetkmt: Thank you!!! Thanks for dropping by and commenting.

    Ziva: Hmm. They sound vaguely familiar. No. Wait! I'm thinking of a moose head hat rack and a polar bear ice box. I think the sheepskin wears wolf's clothing or something.

  3. Lauren

    SW: We gut and then stuff all dead pets with scented foam. We also have stuffed dead hamster plug ins. When inserted into a socket, they emit the scent eau de rodent.

    Mrs B: When flying pigs are shot down, they turn into ham.

  4. Ivy

    Kangaroo umbrella racks — LOVE IT!!

    And Lauren you're almost right about Mrs. B's question: When flying pigs are shot down, they turn into heavenly ham. 🙂

    Here are a few items to add to the list:
    dog footrest
    bird mobile
    flamingo lamp

  5. Lauren

    Thanks, Ivy. Damn! I forgot the footstool. I prefer a French bulldog motif. Flamingo lamps would definitely add some much needed color to an otherwise bland color scheme.

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