We’re a Nation of Mutts.

Please stick with me on this because I’m going to be pulling a lot of this blurbage out of my ass. I know. Not a pretty image, but I have to get this out, because frankly, it’s constipating. 

Woody Guthrie said it best with the song,  This land is your land, this land is my land, etc.

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In this great land of ours, most of our grandparents and great grandparents came from other places across the sea. My father’s father was born in Hungary, my mother’s father in Russia. My mother’s mother was also from Hungary.

Okay. My father’s mother was born in Denver, Colorado. No sea involved in the Colorado limb of the family tree. Yes. We’re all trees, you know. Just ask Barbara Walters.

For my Denver grandmother, or nanny, as I used to call her, there was no ocean, just a jug of water, a wagon, and a horse. I have a picture of her, somewhere, riding on a wagon when she was a child. Pretty cool. I know. A time before there were cars and car recalls.

I’m talking to you, Toyota, which is also from across the sea. Maybe the parts dropped in the ocean along the way.

Apologies for the off topic ramble. I’m tangentially inclined.

So, bottom line, America. Like my two adopted mutts, Jenny, from Puerto Rico . . .

and Jake, from West Virginia . . .

I, too, am a mutt, although I never poop on the lawn or eat food from the floor, unless the ten second rule applies.


I am no better or worse than the other mutts that frolic in the malls, supermarkets, and food joints across America. Even the purebred are part of the mix. Just stop by any dog park and you’ll see mutts and purebreds playing together after just saying hello with a sniff of the butt.

We, the people, need to follow our dog’s lead and sniff the butt of our neighbor, pharmacist, and stranger we pass on the street, as we are the sum of our parts, all of them. It is because of these parts that we can only be whole, kind of like multi grain bread, which is good for you, btw.

If we lose sight of who we are and who we live among, we lose sight of what binds us together as a nation.

I’m not talking about fiber. I talking about fabric, specifically, the fabric of our society and keeping it from unraveling, leaving our nation tattered, fragmented, and frayed.

After all, we are a nation of mutts wearing mutt clothes.

Are you a mutt or a purebred?
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15 Comments We’re a Nation of Mutts.

  1. Lauren

    If you have papers. At the dog park, the mutts and purebreds always play well together. I had taken that sentence out. I should have kept it in. I hope I'm not offending the purebreds. I was trying to say, "Why can't we all get along."

  2. Ziva

    I think I accidentally mistook my papers for homework and ate them. And I love mutts, they're often a lot more fun than purebreds. 😉

  3. ReformingGeek

    Woof! I'm a special kind of mutt. I'll even play with cats!

    I can remember the innocence of childhood before you realized that a classmate had a different color of skin and why that mattered.

  4. Mrsblogalot

    I'm still not sure what I am. But I am tangentially inclined also ….think we are related somewhere down the line??

  5. Leeuna

    Great post. We are all part of the human race, so therefore we are all related. We should all just act like family and get along. I'm proud to be a mutt. 🙂

  6. Lauren

    RF: This generation of young people. Wow.Does that make me sound old or what? Is more color blind as there has been a generation of blending of race and religion.

    Mr. S: I love purebreds.

    Mrs. B: It's tough being tangentially inclined. Our relatives probably also got lost crossing the ocean.

    Hi Leeuna: Precisely. Why can't we all just get along> Thanks! I'm proud to be a mutt, too. I'm part Russian Spaniel and Hungarian Hound.

  7. Ryhen

    Did I just see someone say "ass sniffing?" The only ass I'm going to sniff is from a perfect 10. That's what being an alpha male is all about. Awoooo!!

    Just kidding =)

    Ok, show me those butts… I mean mutts.

  8. Lauren

    Ryhen: Metaphorically speaking. Please refer to the disclaimer. : ) I only tolerate butt sniffing among dogs, however, I don't encourage it.

  9. mommapolitico

    "If we lose sight of who we are and who we live among, we lose sight of what binds us together as a nation."

    Amen to that, Sistah! And thanks for the shout-out. As to my papers, well, I think they're lining the birdcage…

    As always, you have a great way of helping us look in the mirror and laugh at ourselves. Great piece, Girlfriend!

  10. Lauren

    Thanks, Perry. I'm always inspired by your great writing.

    Ziva: Thanks so much! Even though the sky is darkening in the west, there is sunshine here in blogger shanty town.

  11. Bonehead

    I haven't been around much lately – and I'm sorry I missed this one when you first posted it.

    Couldn't agree more with the analogy, and the fact that most of the mutts in this country (who's only native residents reside on small poor reservations and casino land) have forgotten their own heritage is from elsewhere.

    Yes, I know that the Arizona plan is just an enforcement of a federal statute that's already on the books, but to choose to enforce it is forgetting the loyalty of the dogs who make up most of any states residents.


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