Spam Facebook Friends.

Mr Successful.
Antonietta Willa.
Ross Dalang.
Curtis Mignon.
Bettyann Kimberley to smelly132.
Shaquita Arnette.
Jon C.
Lan Shirely.
Hyper Jadulz.
Marquita Skye.
Zola Nereida.
A Friend.
Maddie Gwendolyn.
Melvina Linsey.
Suzann Sixta.
Maud Lean.
Chiquita Cindi.
Alyssa Jacquetta.
Flora Adella.
Cammy Chelsey.

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10 Comments Spam Facebook Friends.

  1. Mrsblogalot

    Awesome! So much so that I already just want to curse out my boss, get fired and go back (-;

    please talk me out of it. I'm sure to regret it later. Won't I??

  2. Lauren

    Don't do it! Get a blow up boss instead and curse it out, or maybe there's a punching bag boss. Not a bad idea.

    Remember, only head trips are free.

    I'm unemployed again (my new job didn't work out), so right now head trips are more affordable. But, you can't get a tan on a head trip. Not a bad idea for a post.

  3. ReformingGeek

    Now showing on my Facebook sidebar:

    Change your life with a LAP-Band.
    Get a free bagel.
    Astrology Gem Rings
    College Parents How-tos.

    Hum….I'm not overweight. I like bagels. I'm not into Astrology and I'm not a parent.

    Yeah, targeted advertising…er..spam my a**.

  4. Lauren

    RF: You can never have enough Astrology Gem Rings. Don't fret. You will be overweight if you keep eating the bagels and Spam. Subliminal weight gain mind manipulation. Works every time!

  5. Mr. Stupid

    These were Spam? I thought most of them were somewhat funny. Dalang for a surname? LOL
    Loved this post. BTW, I don't use Facebook. There are zombies in it…:)


  6. JD at I Do Things

    Ah, good ol' Chiquita Cindi. I haven't heard from her in a while. I must give her a poke.

    "Chest support even in water"? What, do they sink to the bottom of the ocean floor otherwise?


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