Brain Deficit.

It’s like the federal deficit, except you’re not paying for my stupidity . . . yet.

15 Comments Brain Deficit.

  1. Mrsblogalot

    Don't worry Lauren, everybody's too busy paying for mine.

    And I think they might be due for an increase.

  2. Ziva

    Lauren, the Swiss cheese might be mine, I can distinctly remember putting my brain in your fridge when I was thinking too hard and it started to overheat again.

  3. Lauren

    Ziva: What's the expiration date? Maybe I should put it in the freezer. I don't even know if you can freeze cheese. Freeze cheese! I like the sound of that that.

  4. Lauren

    Glenn: Like the book "100 Years of Solitude." That's pretty much me. I need a post-it for everything, too.

  5. mommapolitico

    Without my phone, AKA my little electronic brain, I would never remember anything! I'm way past Post-Its!

    And don;t worry, we'll be paying for the Bush tax cuts for years and years. Any debt of yours, Lauren, is forever down the road!

  6. nipsy

    hmmm paying for my stupidity… wonder if that works for embarrassing moments as well??

    I agree, these would most definitely make great post its.

  7. Lauren

    MeMe: Who are they, or them masquerading as they?

    Nipsy: Definitely includes embarrassment and any other social faux pas. I've done them all. thanks for jumping in, or in this case, stepping in . . . it. I often do-doo.


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