Happy 101, a precursor to Happy 102 for credit.

A belated posting of the Happy 101 Award from Sally Lee by the Sea. Thank you so much for including me in your list of ten. I’m deeply touched by the gesture. Please stop by Sally Lee by the Sea, filled with Sally’s passion for life and all things by the sea. Her comfortable beauty will inspire and enlighten your world.

Another thank you to James at Zeitheist and Vault of Stories, two really cool dark and quirky blogs. James is a wonderful writer and is working on a speculative fiction novel. James also handed me the Happy 101 Award. Thank you, James.

One more thank you to Reforming Geek, who recently gave me the Beautiful Blogger Award. I feel that I wasn’t effusive enough in describing the delight and happy, warm fuzzy feeling I get every time I read her wonderful, quirky blog. Please get on your board and surf on over to Reforming Geek’s place and feel the love, as well as the spine tingling chills from her Evil Twin, who gets into all sorts of trouble. Dark. Very Dark and yet belly laugh funny until it hurts. Just like Evil Twin intended.

My Happy 101 List (cliff note version)

And warmth, 71.0 degrees. No dandelions, crab grass, or any genus of weed. No bugs, i.e., mosquitoes, gnats, or flies, or foul odors wafting over from the neighbor’s yard. Just happy odors like flowers, cut grass, and morning dew, not doo.

My husband and son, especially when things go The Brady way and not the Weeds way or the Six Feet Under dark, messy conversationally moanful way.

Dog park days of summer
When my mutts run with other free range pups in a fenced in park with guards posted at check points packing 38-caliber cookies and DOA (dropped on arrival) doody bags.

Rain in moderation
No floating houses or ten-foot water walls cascading over my deer masticating, buffet vegetable garden.

And off I go: Zoom, zoom, zoom, past prickly bushes that just miss scratching the paint off my car, down the drive way into bumper-to-bumper traffic, where drivers sleep or stick their rubber necks out the window to view wreckage from a daily crash on the side of the highway.

Saturdays and Sundays
Quiet time in the Brady household when Jan isn’t pulling Marcia, Marcia, Marcia’s hair, and Mike isn’t too pensive and professorial rambling about the differences between good and evil and why Satan is hot and God is not.

My Mom and Dad
Chatting on the phone about them and not me. Me talk gets messy. They talk is happy and about tennis and golf, not Tiger’s immoral golf, but moral golf with shiny clubs and clean bright balls, and things not golf related like early bird dinners and Wednesday matinees.

Funny, scary, quirky, not boring when your finger hovers over the eject button during the opening credits.

Happy, not whiny, but red or white winy, laughing, not crying, unless laughing until crying.

Writing, writing, writing
Blogging writing and story writing that is weird and wacky, funny, dark, and moody but always a surprise to my readers and me.

Dog licking my face
As long as I know where his/her tongue has been.

My blogger ten list to whom I bestow the Happy 101 Award

The Screaming Me-Me
Stir-Fry Awesomeness
I Do Things So You Don’t Have To
Man Over Board
Unscripted Life (back at you)
Speaking From The Crib
Quirky Loon
Dog in The Water Pipe

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16 Comments Happy 101, a precursor to Happy 102 for credit.

  1. ReformingGeek

    Congrats and thanks for the kind words. Evil Twin is blushing.

    I love your list.

    Happy frozen spring!

  2. ManOverBoard.com

    I thank you so much Lauren on bestowing this fine Happy 101 Award. I just am lost for words.

    I will make sure to think of you the next time I am awarded such a distinguished award, one that I believe will have at least 50 questions to answer and has to be sent to 47 other bloggers 🙂

    Hmmm you might have started something good, the Cliff note version. I like that, I like that a lot.

  3. Mrsblogalot

    Shut up! No way!!!!

    I love that your happy list has writing, writing, writing on it as it makes us all happy! (-:

    Thanks so much Lauren!!!


  4. Lauren

    Glenn: Next time I'll send an award with multiple choice questions. Par it down even more. : )

    Mrs B: Thank you soooooo much!!!!!

  5. Me-Me King

    Congratulations, Lauren on your Happy Award and thank you so much for passing this happy award along to me….happy, happy, joy, joy!

    I loved your happy list especially where your talked about your family going Brady. I remember moments like that too, fun times.

  6. Tracie

    Thanks so much! I'm cracking up at your Brady family vs. Six Feet Under family. I feel the same way. Do you really leave for work at 5:01 am? You must go to bed early or you're a robot!

  7. Bonehead

    Congratulations on your selection Lauren! And thanks so much for including me!

    It was a nice Saturday and Sunday this past weekend wasn't it!

    And as much as I may complain about it, there is a happy contentment that comes with a dog licking your face – sort of nice to know someone is happy to see you.

  8. Lauren

    Me-Me: Love that carnival like atmosphere you've got going on at your blog. You're welcome!!!

    Tracie: It's PM. I don't open an eye until at least 6:30a.m. What can I say about your hilarious family adventures and general wonderful wackiness? Oops. I've already said it.

    J: Gorgeous!!! We went to the dog park on Sunday. Love your boneheadedness.

  9. Paul Blanchard

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. And so on. So yea, I'm pretty happy about that. On the other hand, I've failed… my blog should only bring a feeling of dread and foreboding…

  10. JD at I Do Things

    Wow! Congratulations and thank you!

    What a cool award. I love the concept and the fact that — OH WHO AM I KIDDING IT HAS CUPCAKES!!!! That makes it the best award EVER!

    Seriously, thank you for including me with all these other awesome bloggers. I love your list. I may have to do this one.


    thanks so much for your award!

    awesomeness! and i think i may have gotten some new followers too!


  12. Lauren

    JD: I forgot about the cupcakes and just desserts. Speaking of just . . . I just love your wacky ways. It was a no brainer to include you in my list of awesome bloggers.

    SFTC: (not stfu) You're welcome. That's great about the followers. You are hilarious. I have to drop by your place more often.

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