6 Comments Fog Engulfs Executive Branch of the Brain.

  1. mommapolitico

    Hoping the sun is burning off the fog – at least in the Senate…reconciliation talk! Have they been reading my blog???

    Amazing how a caption can totally change the tome of a photo! Gret shot, and most definitel evocative of the Exec Branch of the brain!!!
    Love it, Girl.

  2. Carl

    Hey Lauren, check out the bill "HR 2749" .. also there is a link on my site .."the tea party chroncles" you might be very interested in. Truthfully I am very concerned about this bill..tell me what you think.
    Whew it has been a long wweek for meee. Hope you new job is going ok.

  3. Lauren

    Perry: I think the fogs finally lifting a bit.

    Mr. S: Glad you loved it.

    RG: Yeah. Lots of intertwining branches and no leaves. : ) Kind of like what my brain looks like.

    Carl: Thanks. It's been a bit of an adjustment as you can see. : ) I've already been by to comment.


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