Mad TV IPad Parody Before IPad Existed

Several years ago, MadTV, a comedy show on Fox that ran at the same time as SNL, did a Parody of a fake Apple product they called the iPad for women. You get the picture. Now see the video.

That’s why choosing the proper name for a product is so important. Somebody at Apple didn’t search the Intertubes before their brainstorming session that led to the name iPad. which is a large Multi-Touch screen that is technologically advanced , as well as absorbent. ” . . . navigating the web (and your menstrual cycle) has never been easier.”

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9 Comments Mad TV IPad Parody Before IPad Existed

  1. Lauren

    It was a good thing I wasn't eating when I saw it on TV or I'd have choked to death.

    I guess there must be different versions: Overnight iPad with thicker padding, Daytime iPad that is scented, and the Slim iPad for lighter days.

  2. Bonehead

    LOL! Based on how many people I know that have had to keep exchanging their fancy iPhones, they must have some old Mad TV comedy writers working there.

  3. Lauren

    Will: Mad TV definitely does rock. That show was always great and deserves to be on instead of SNL.

    Nancy: Yep. No women in the think tank on this one. I guess no one at Apple ever watched Mad TV. I think their reruns are even still on the air.

    J: I think a Mad TV writer must have been in the brainstorming session on the iPad and thought it would be a funny joke.

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