iPad Companion Product – the iFlo.


iFlo Accessories
  • iDouche – Cache cleaner
  • iPMS – Kills viruses and anything else that gets in the way
  • iMidol – Relieves desktop water retention
  • iPlug – USB flash stick stops memory leaks
  • iProzac – Prevents hard drive crashes
  • iStridex – Wipes oily buildup off case
  • iPill – Monthly periodic maintenance program
  • iRecall – Extra memory when yours shuts downs
  • iBlock – Keeps intruders from entering your space
  • iShriek – Key pad alarm goes off at the slightest touch
Coming soon to an asylum near you – The iTouched. Comes with rubber case and commitment papers. Electrical adapter and plastic wrap not included.


Do you think that the iPad is a really bad name?
Is Apple Rotten?
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6 Comments iPad Companion Product – the iFlo.

  1. ReformingGeek

    Those are great products. I've ordered some iPMS.

    Honestly, if I hadn't heard about it first in a blog making fun of it, I might not have immediately made the connection.

    I'm sure Apple is enjoying the publicity, though.

  2. Lauren

    ReformingGeek: Thanks for the feedback. Good point! Though I don't know about Apple enjoying the publicity. It seems to be all negative and I think the stock went down.

  3. Carl

    To much Drama surrounding this product; if the product is not revoulationary!..I have not seen it yet. I will need to have it in my hand and use it before i can make a judgement. I think however it is so far "not" redefining the market place 🙂
    Yes i see iPad…maybe not the best name 🙂

  4. Lauren

    Carl: That's the problem. Way too much hype with a terrible name.

    Jim: Thanks so much. I don't know if this is the best publicity for Apple unless the tech end of the Internet reviews it and loves it.


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