Thank You Very Much Thurs or More Stuff that Makes My Head Explode.

The Daily Dribbles

Disclaimer: Some of these points have been slightly embellished to add greater comedic effect.

Thank You Very Much!

To my pharmacologist for prescribing a medication that accelerated my heart rate so fast the EKG machine caught fire during the test.
Thank you very much.

To the Red Cross for routinely draining my son of blood to put into bottled drinks for Vampires or other unknown entities hooked on my son’s blood.
Thank you very much.

To my pharmacist for tapping me on the shoulder at a recent rock concert in NYC, and then saying in an incredibly creepy voice, “Guess who I am?”
Thank you very much.

To my mother for sending me the same ads for jobs I responded to days earlier, thus reminding me I never heard back from the employer.
Thank you very much.

To my husband and son for piling dishes in the sink that resembled a piece of modern art I could admire for hours, before spending an equal amount of time disassembling it.
Thank you very much.

To my garbage removal service for not removing the overly-stuffed recycling bin last week, which resulted in my having to drag two overly-stuffed recycling bins to the end of the driveway this week.
Thank you very much.

To my dogs for disemboweling another pillow, and then scattering the entrails in a debris field across the lawn.
Thank you very much.

To the twenty-something male cashier at the supermarket who thought it would be hilarious to card me the last time I bought beer.
Thank you very much.

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17 Comments Thank You Very Much Thurs or More Stuff that Makes My Head Explode.

  1. Will

    Hi Lauren.
    I heard of piling up dishes in the sink ,but lucky for my better half i don't mind doing them ,wish the 2sons would catch that bug also, but until now they only manage to pile the dishes up.
    I guess there are some things you only learn in the army?
    have a great day.

  2. Lauren

    I'm unemployed, so I'm on dish duty. It's the least I can do.

    Some of the dishes and glasses have chipped and/or cracked because of the weight stacked upon them.

    You, too.

  3. Me-Me King

    Thank You Very Much for stopping by my blog today. I appreciate your visit and your comment. Hope to see you again real soon.

  4. Kmama

    Great Thank You's. I'm so glad we have a dishwasher, otherwise I'm certain my sink would look like what you just described!!

    Thanks for linking up!

  5. James M.

    You must be a saint to find reasons to be thankful for for such circumstances. Me? I could only see reasons to get crazy over these situations. 🙂

  6. Lauren

    Sainthood is not in the cards for me, James M. I do get crazy over this stuff. Click on Kys's and Kmama's profiles to see what they wrote on their blogs. There's a bit of sarcasm here. After reading their posts, you'll see the rhythm of the memes.

  7. Bonehead

    I've had problems with trash collectors for years (sorry shameless plug)

    Re: the pharmacist at the concert, some music just sounds better with pharmaceutical enhancement, so perhaps he was there on business.

  8. Ryhen Satch

    Saying thank you to these kinds of things is like saying "Give me more, please." lol. I think it's much better to say "Yay!" or "FTW?" But that's just me. ehehe


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