WTF? It’s a houseplant and a pet, too! But is it housebroken?


Is your houseplant too potted to move?

Ardisia humilis grown as a potted plant


If you’re like me, you want your houseplant to be more than just a decorative accent for your home décor.

You want a plant that is a pet, too. You want the Tickle Me Plant that moves when you, yes, tickle it.

Does your houseplant just sit in a pile of dirt doing nothing all day?

You water it.

You give it sun.

You even talk to it.

Yet, all the plant does is sit there sucking up your water and your time.
Not the fun-loving Tickle Me Plant. It will even do tricks for you.

Don’t believe me? Then, maybe you’ll believe the TickleMePlant:

“I am an amazing plant. I will quickly move when you Tickle Me. I am a great gift for growing scientists of all ages. I will even fold up and go to sleep at night! . . .”

But don’t stop there. Stop at www.TickleMePlant.Com and see . . .

TickleMe Plant Family Pictures!

TickleMe Plant Party Favors

TickleMe Plant Video

If you’re not tickled pink by now, go to and buy the plant that just want’s to have fun, and tickle that!

Thanks to J. Giddy at the Bonehead blog where I first heard about the TickleMePlant in a comment by anonymous. Whoever you are.

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15 Comments WTF? It’s a houseplant and a pet, too! But is it housebroken?

  1. Katie

    WHOA!!! Now that is something I've never seen before…I had to check out the website to see how it moves, but I watched the video, and that is quite interesting!

    Thanks for posting! (TFP)

  2. Bonehead

    Happy that a reader could inspire the story! Although the Tickle Me Plant in itself is somewhat frightening, it sort of reminds me of a childrens show from the early 70's – "The Magic Garden"

    I recall they had a large leafy garden with lots of giggling plants, which were no doubt actually potted.

    Sadly, therapy has never really been able to help erase those visions from my memory.

  3. Lauren


    Reminds me of the "Little Shop of Horrors," although this plant appears to be more of an introvert and less hostile. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Lauren


    Maybe the giggling plants were pot plants. "The Magic Garden" sounds psychedelic and like a bad acid reflux trip. I strongly suggest you stay away from any movies or shows with aggressive potted plants or timid hanging plants, either could easily snap a stem.

  5. Linda Merlino

    Lauren honey…you need to get outdoors and tickle trees or something…I think all this blogging is mulching your mind.

  6. James M.

    I've seen this plant. It's very common in the Philippines. Its local name is a rough translation of 'shy'. It's got thorns though.

  7. Anonymous

    I just ordered a bunch for the guys at the office.I had one as a kid and have been looking for TickleMe Plants for years…I would go to various botanical gardens and tickled plants with no response. Thanks for the post

  8. Lauren


    Are you the same Anonymous from Bonehead's site? I wonder if they caught you on tape tickling the plants. That would be great entertainment for the surveillance people. Thanks for commenting.

  9. Mr. Stupid

    Well, the leaves close under various stimuli, such as touching, warming, blowing, or shaking.
    Oh Holy Tickle Me Plant!
    Hope there is a Tickle Others plant. That is sure to trouble my friends for a long time….:)


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