My mutt, Jenny, connoisseur of crap.


My mutt, Jenny, connoisseur of crap

Jenny, A Sato Dog

Not to be confused with Sado, although her teeth are rather sharp.


Things my dog has eaten or has attempted to eat:

•    10 Pillows and counting
•    2 Meat loafs
•    A frozen chicken breast
•    3 sneakers (each from a different pair)
•    1 water shoe
•    4 slippers (each from a different pair)
•    A box of white chocolates (had to hunt for the pieces in the snow)
•    A couch
•    A UPS box containing a printer
•    Dry cleaned men’s shirts
•    Lipstick

•    ChapStick
•    Underwear
•    An open can of cat food
•    Pair of eyeglasses
•    2 gloves (each from a different pair)

See a pattern here?

•    A Stephen King book from
•    Algebra homework (really!)
•    Cat poop
•    A history textbook
•    Half a pepperoni pizza
•    A pound of raw hamburger meat
•    Paper towels
•    Kleenex
•    Granola bar wrappers
•    An empty container of yogurt
•    Shingles

What do you think she ate?

Jake, The Accomplice

Jake, The Accomplice

What has your dog eaten lately?


14 Comments My mutt, Jenny, connoisseur of crap.

  1. Nancy

    When my other dog died, I swore I was done with the whole dog thing. However I realized it sucked having to vacuum everytime food was spilled or crumbs fell. Should have named this new pup Hoover, Eureka, Dyson or Oreck.

  2. mommapolitico

    I think our dogs may be related. Yellow Dog (he's a Dem, too…) has a particular liking for everyone's dirty underwear, stealing from hampers and laundry baskets, which I find rather disturbing but cracks up the rest of the Politico household.

    He has a penchant for veggies, which wreaks havoc with us trying to grow anything. So, Farmer's Market for us, and underwear for Yellow Dog. So glad to hear we're not alone with the "one of every pair" thing. Damn! I hate that!

    Great post, Girl. Laughed, literally, out loud.

  3. Lauren


    My dogs love carrots. The yellow lab mix will even eat celery. Actually, I meant to post a picture of the lab mix, too, since he is her accomplice. I once spotted the two of them dragging a pillow they took from a bed down the stairs.

  4. Bonehead

    As a puppy our Aussie Shepard enjoyed the molding on the stairwell for some reason, but she's moved onto simply whatever food falls to the floor or hovers less than 12 inches above the ground.

    She did once eat a scrabble tile – it was a "W" which interestingly enough came out as a "C".

  5. Lauren

    Well, J, molding must be like an hors d'oeuvres. Btw, I forgot to add shingles to the list. The Shepard must be beautiful. They are gorgeous dogs. Yuck about the Scrabble tile.

  6. Will

    Hi Lauren.
    I must admit my dog is probably part alien ,since he never ate anything he's not supposed to
    I do admid i'm responsable for him being like that, he behaves better than the kids i don't know why,when or where he went wrong .lol
    Next time buy try a English Cocker Spaniel they are only a bit stubborn.

  7. Lauren

    You are lucky, Will.

    My dog equates trash bins with buffet tables. She was rescued from the streets of Puerto Rico, hence the name Sato Dog.

  8. Mee2

    I have 2 yellow labs and 1 black lab mix. These dogs are NOTORIOUS for chewing and eating shi….uhhh…stuff they're not supposed to. Mine have eaten or have tried to eat many of the things on your list. I've tried to suppress these memories. The most perplexing thing the youngest one has eaten is a whole beanie baby. Yes. Whole. How do I know? He puked it back up. Whole.

  9. Lauren

    Yuck, Mee2. I guess Beanie Babies taste better going down that coming back up. Dogs will stick just anything in their mouths. Thanks for swinging by and telling your story.


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