Why Head Trips are Cost-Effective

Trouble free travel within the confines of your own mind


No traffic or weather delays: Unless your thoughts are backed up due to fog

No charge for extra baggage: I’m working stuff out

No charge for a roundtrip ticket and hotel accommodations: Delusions are free

The local cuisine was worse than airplane food: I can’t cook

The weather was hot: I dressed in too many layers

Visited exotic locations: I watched The Travel Channel

No cell phone service: I turned off the phone

The service was terrible: The staff was always out to lunch

The pilots overshot the airport: Someone else’s head trip

Be back as soon as I can figure out how to land.

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8 Comments Why Head Trips are Cost-Effective

  1. Bonehead

    Excellent travel advice. My wife and I love to travel, however, our lack of tangible income will probably put a bit of a halt on that for the foreseeable future. Head trips have always seemed like a good idea to me, I thank you for the justification! 😉


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