If evolution didn’t work, we’d all be swimming with the fishes

However, DNA evidence refutes the fish hypothesis.

On a clear night in the Blogosphere, a web gazer doesn’t need Google to see the outer regions of the constellation Suburbius.

Where life began in the gene pool, the first step in the evolutionary process before the steam room.

  • But what if evolution didn’t work correctly?
  • Many scientists believe an evolutionary role reversal would occur.
  • What would happen if fish ruled the world?
  • Instead of having Sushi for dinner, Sushi would be having you for dinner
  • As the main course on the menu, you’d be served with a red-faced whine rather than a Chardonnay
  • A chum would be considered a bucket of shark bait and not a pal
  • Instead of a room with a view, you’d be the view, in your new glassy aquatic condo.
  • The size of an apartment would be based on a per-gallon to apartment ratio:
    • 5-gallon tank – studio
    • 10 gallon – 1 bedroom
    • 20 gallon – 2 bedroom
    • 100 gallon – Duplex in Trump Towers

Being hooked on phonetics would have a whole new meaning:

  •    If you think something fishy’s going on, it will likely be you
  •    Being deboned will be the equivalent of having liposuction
  •    A cold-blooded Barracuda will be the new bitch
  •    Amoeba proteus will be a distant relative on the other side of the pond
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