The Interview Smell Test: Eve Saint Laurent or Eau de Bull Ca-Ca?

Interview Warning Signs
You know there is a problem if . . .
•    A Pekingese carrying a chew toy greets you in the reception area then pees on your leg.
•    The interviewer picks his teeth with a hunting knife.
•    The interview desk has a wee-wee pad instead of a desk pad.
•    When you ask, “Where is the bathroom?” the interviewer hands you a box of Depends.
•    The interviewer is dressed in a straight jacket; he questions himself, objects to the answers, and then asks security to toss him from the building. The interview ends abruptly.
•    Body bags line the back wall.
•    Several days after your interview, a Photoshopped version of it with your head on a naked body goes viral on YouTube.
•    An Invisible Fence sign hangs on the front door, and the employees wear electric collars.
•    A department store mannequin seated at the reception desk offers bad advice.
•    The conference room has padded walls and pill dispensers.
•    The interviewer is an ex-shrink and questions you about your relationship with your parents instead of previous employers.
Do you have an interesting interview anecdote?
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