Ask Your Doctor About the Pharma Collection: A Pill Pack Gift for Any Occasion


You’ve got the symptom! We’ve got the cure!


The Pharma Pack


  • Got the blues? – We’ve got a pill for that.
  • Mother-in-law in town? – We’ve got a pill for that.
  • Mad at a spouse? – We’ve got several pills for that – from our Anniversary Collection.


Every beautifully designed Pharma Pill Pack comes with a Symptom Check List, also available in your TV Guide. Just match your symptom against our comprehensive list of meds, and then ask your doctor which pharmaceutical solution is right for you.

Don’t Have a Symptom Check List?

Call your doctor if you experience one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Do you have trouble hearing when you have cotton in your ears?
  • Do you suffer from amnesia when your husband reminds you of the credit card balance?
  • Does sugar and caffeine make your heart race?
  • Do you get depressed at funerals?
  • Do you have difficulty swallowing during dental surgery?
  • Do you get anxious when your teenager borrows the car?
  • Do you suffer from a loss of appetite from the stench of a garbage can?
  • Do your fingers become stiff and arthritic when typing for 24 hours straight?
  • Are you afraid of insurance sales men?
  • Does your breath stink in the morning when you first wake up?
  • Does your butt fall asleep after sitting on a wooden chair for eights hours?
  • Do you suffer from split ends?
  • Do you get calluses on your feet after walking several miles?
  • Do you have trouble breathing when you place a plastic bag over your head?
  • Do your fingers turn blue when you stand outside without gloves in sub zero temperatures?
  • Do you trip over your children’s toys when they’re scattered across the floor?
  • Does your head hurt when you accidentally slam it against a wall?


We’ve got the right drug for you when every thing else goes wrong.
Get happy with Pharma!
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