Sick of Pharmaceutical Ads – Ask Your Doctor about Pharm Blocker


Pharm Blocker 

If you experience feelings of hopelessness, emptiness, or despair while watching pharmaceutical commercials, you may be suffering from Pharm Ad Psychosis or PAP.

Pharm Blocker, taken once a day, eliminates symptoms associated with PAP by increasing serotonin levels to the brain, which prevents downward mood spirals during pharmaceutical commercials. Pharm Blocker is a chemically inflatable mood cushion that protects the temporal lobe region of the brain by deploying like an airbag in time to prevent harmful sounds and images from crashing into the brain. In addition to blocking the damaging affects of pharmaceutical ads, Pharm Blocker stimulates the Hippocampus region of the brain that controls memory, triggering pleasurable thoughts for the duration of a commercial while keeping you in a semi hypnotic state.

Pharm Blocker may not be for every one. If you are currently using a Crass Behavior Blocker, Profanity Blocker, or Dim-Witt Blocker, you should not use Pharm Blocker. People taking Pharm Blocker may experience side affects like fanny fatigue, restless channel-change syndrome, an increase in urination while drinking water, ice cream headaches during dessert, or diarrhea of the mouth. If you experience any of these symptoms, stop taking Pharm Blocker immediately, turn off the T.V., and ask your doctor about DVR (Digital Video Recorders).

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