Origin of the Word “Blog” Traced Back to Ancient Scotland


[Castle from tower, Stirling, Scotland] (LOC)

Scottish Bards Were First Known Bloggers

After months of castle hopping, Scottish scholars were able to trace the root of the word “blog” back to the year 1300 and the bogs of Scotland. Castle archives revealed that bards were stationed at the north, east, south and west shore of a castle and would simultaneously pound out messages on rocks with lyres to inform the castle inhabitants, as well as the sheepherders in the meadows, of the latest castle news, which was often bawdy gossip.

Over the years, the word bog was combined with the Scottish word for talk, “blah,” i.e., continuous talk, “blah, blah, blah,” which was recorded in Scottish scribe logs as “blahg” and then later evolved into the English translation of the word known today as “blog.”


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