When Right-Brain Tweets Left-Brain

Right-Brain (RB) vs. Left-Brain (LB)

RB: What a day! The sun is shining.

LB: Wear a hat and sunglasses. You could get burned or worse go blind.

RB: You’re negative.

LB: I’m practical.

RB: You’re boring.

LB: Just because I plan my day.

RB: Plan it? You dissect it like a science experiment.

LB: I’m sick of your, “You’ve got to stop and smell the roses BS.” Don’t you know that roses have thorn?

RB: It’s a metaphor for enjoying life. How can you enjoy life when you’re too busy analyzing why it’s a four-letter word?

LB: Enjoying life is on my “to-do” list.

RB: Everything’s on your “to-do” list.

LB: I bet you don’t even have one. You do whatever moves you.

RB: Lately, your anal need for morning bran moves me.

LB: I just try to stay healthy.

RB: Worrying about staying healthy isn’t healthy. You could have a stroke.

LB: At least there’s enough activity on my side of the brain to be affected by a stroke. Your half’s been dead for years.

RB: Appearances can be deceiving. I like to think deeply from time-to-time.

LB: I don’t know how you can equate spacing out with thinking deep.

RB: It’s my way of being right with the world.

LB: Well, that’s the problem. Maybe you’d get something done occasionally if you weren’t always right.

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