Muddy Monday

Muddy, Monday, figuratively speaking of course, though I’m not averse to getting dirty. The day before I tackled weeds. Today, I tackle the job market and the start of a new week.

The jump from Sunday to Monday is a long one. After track and field, it’s on to floor exercises and those dangerous mental acrobats with the “can I?” “will I?” routines that last far longer than the allotted time.

Judges can be so cruel, especially Judge Id and Ego who are far more critical than Eastern bloc judges. I try to ignore them and focus on the task at hand.

What is that task? Ah, yes, to maximize my strengths and minimize my weaknesses in order to gain control of my destiny.

It’s kind of cool that everything is up in the air. It gives me the opportunity to think and determine the best course of action, as long as Judge Id and Ego don’t bring me crashing down to earth. And I can make enough money temping while looking for something permanent. Though in this economy, “permanent job” is an oxymoron.

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