Empty Ester, An Accident in Progress


Empty Ester lost her head, once a prominent fixture on her shoulders, air lingers there instead. She blamed the loss on her stubborn boss who demanded too much of her vapid thoughts.

“Find me the ‘Nail’ file,” he had said to her. “It’s the one after “O” called ‘Oblivious.'”

She should have known not to ponder the contents of “Oblivious,” the mere thought of which, caused her head to explode.

English: Detonation of explosives.

English: Detonation of explosives. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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I’m participating in Lillie McFerrin’s weekly Five Sentence Fiction challenge. This week’s prompt – Empty.


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The Faraway Land of Abandoned Things


Faraway Land of Abandoned Things


On the side of the road, laces tattered, leather faded, a shoe soaks up the late day sun. Once a vessel for a seafaring man, its destiny determined by a fickle sea in a violent sway or lurch of a boat, both succumbed to the ravages of a sudden rogue wave; the shoe and its human companion, ejected then sucked into the rotting rut of the forgotten deep.

A year passed before the shoe washed onto a California beach. An epidermis of sand stuck to leather warped and salted in turbulent waters; the shoe was picked up and tossed into a truck for carting, to the faraway land of abandoned things.

One more bump along the way, the shoe flew from the truck, landing with a silent thump; its sole flush against pavement away from the sun, the shoe slips into the shadows of another waning day, just a dusty mirage in a rearview mirror, lying on the side of the road.


I’m participating in Lillie McFerrin’s weekly Five Sentence Fiction prompt. This week’s prompt – Abandoned.


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Five Sentence Fiction: Forgotten

Silly Sunday

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Jake picking up a scent of God knows what.


Following the Scent of Keys

Where did I leave my keys? Did I lose them down the FedEx chute while dropping off the package? No, I drove home, stuffed them in my pocket and then left them in a burglarproof place. After pinpointing their location in my head, I lost it when my dog ambushed me at the fridge. If only he could pick up the scent of nickel, plated brass instead of another dog’s ass.


Lillie McFerrin Writes


I’m participating in Lillie McFerrin’s weekly Five Sentence Fiction prompt — Forgotten.

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One Shoe Left Behind

He was gone, one shoe left behind collecting dust in the closet.

A slap of heel against the threshold and the door slam behind, sounds she remembered as he slipped into the dense dark of night, the emptiness lingering in the hollows of her eyes.

He looked back as she steadied the scope on the rifle. A little to the right and an explosion ripped through murky sky.

“Must have been a car backfiring,” she told the cop when she took his parka and hung it in the closet above the one shoe left behind.

This post is in response to the Five Sentence Fiction prompt “zombies.”