Anti-Bullying Horror Film, Red Head Randy, Seeks to Scare the Shit out of Bullies

Bullying kills self-esteem, which in some cases, leads to suicide when a demoralized kid sees no other way out.

In honor of National Bully Prevention Month, I’m helping indie filmmaker Raymond Deane promote his Anti-Bullying Horror Film, “Red Head Randy,” about a high school student who is harassed and beaten for being gay.

Tormented by bullies who relentlessly tease him about his red hair and mannerisms — call him names like faggot, ginger kid and freak then beat him up — high school has become a living hell for “Red Head Randy,” the nickname given to him by his tormentors — But the torture doesn’t stop there.

The bullies create a cyberbullying site where they post hateful things about him. Demoralized, lonely and depressed, Randy sees suicide as his only way out and kills himself.

But Randy’s tortured soul cannot rest until those responsible for his death are punished. One-by-one, he tracks them down to show them what torture is really like!

 The Trailer

Help scare the SHIT outta bullies by supporting the filmmaker. Let’s get this movie in the can!

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