Die Babylon Bitch! Search Your Soul, Not My Computer

For weeks, possibly months – perchance a millennium – I tried to purge the search engine scourge, Babylon, from my Firefox browser.

The scourge appeared one day whilst I opened a tab. Instead of seeing my beloved Google home page, I saw that blight Babylon, not the ancient city, which would have been awesome.

I stared at the strange search urchin on my screen and said, “Bloody hell, what are you? I command you in the name of the Lord to depart the toolbar.”

It didn’t.  It continued bullying Firefox into submission and took over Tab Town.

I searched for answers.  The They-Sayers said:

  • Clear the cache
  • Clear history
  • Check your addons

I did everything they said, but they were wrong.

And the unwelcome search squatter continued its incursion while I continued to seek counsel from other web tech scholars.

They said:

  • Block Babylon under Firefox Options

Nary, this was naught the right answer. Alas, Babylon remained and stalked me like a malware hooligan in the night.

One day after an exhaustive search around the globe, I found the One with answers – Dedicated 2-viruses, a site that cleared my computer and my head of infected Babylon residue. And poof, as suddenly as Babylon appeared, it was gone.


Has your toolbar been hijacked by Babylon?

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On the Blog Menu: Blank Footer, Not Frankfurter

Last week when my right footer disappeared, I thought my blog had been hacked. It turns out that my blog was hacked by me.

Yes, I accidentally deleted a footer text box from my blog and then couldn’t find the text widget in the layout. I think the problem was due to a photo gallery plug-in I had installed. I think it muscled its way into the template and took over the widget territory once run by law-abiding HTML.

Late 20th century plug-in

Power plugs

Power plugs (Photo credit: kewl)

After several days of searching the Interwebs for “missing footer text,” I finally found a comment at the WordPress Support site about a photo gallery plug-in that didn’t play well with other plug-ins.

So, I beamed back to the dashboard and deactivated the gallery plug-in. Presto! The text box reappeared along with my sanity. Now, I’m trying to remember what buttons I had installed under footer-4. I wonder if Google knows.

Oh, and can somebody please tell me how to get rid of that obnoxious Babylon search engine that lurks inside the PDFCreator toolbar. I deleted the toolbar, blocked Babylon under “Options,” checked to see if it was a Firefox addon (it wasn’t) and it still returns at every search like a weed. And you know how I feel about weeds.

I honestly don’t know how many hours I spend searching for shit I can’t find.

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