Squirrels go nuts for the snap, crackle, pop of Christmas lights! They’re tasty and fat-free!

Two out of three squirrels prefer Christmas lights to nuts. I wasn’t going to post today, until an article about squirrels eating Christmas lights piqued my interest. The article aptly entitled, “Squirrels chew up Fredericton’s Christmas lights,” hooked my brain as soon as it associated the word squirrel with chew and then Christmas lights. While reading… Continue reading

Merry Christmas! Waxing Poetic.

White clumps of snow weighing down tree branches. http://www.flickr.com/photos/clickclique/ / CC BY-NC 2.0 We’ve got snow here in the northeast and the temperature is in the low twenties, a perfect atmosphere for the Christmas and Holiday celebrations ahead. Whether standing shoulder-to-shoulder in a warm circle of friends, or huddled with family on a couch in… Continue reading

Office Noir

When daydreams become nightmares. White walls surround my office workspace that gives way to a gaping hole, opening to a corridor. If I turn 360 degrees in my chair, I see nothing but a wall calendar that is always a month behind. To the right of my office, lies a faux reception area with no… Continue reading

With jobs like these, who needs enemas?

REAL JOBS – FAKE JOB DESCRIPTIONS ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT Administrative assistant needed for bus. For those who love to travel and make unnecessary stops. Recreation Therapist Looking for people who are specialists in restless slide syndrome, compulsive swinging disorder, and social climbing complex. We’ll Pay You To Process ®Dish Network Orders Online This employer listed five different… Continue reading