Doctors Say Hurricane Season May Cause Tropical Depression in Some People.

At a recent meeting of the Shrunken Shrinks Alliance, a radical splinter group of the National Psychiatric Association, keynote speaker Dr. Stanley Turdgarden passively-aggressively shocked psychiatrists by revealing how he first discovered the correlation between storm and psyche. “… When news of a hurricane hits the airwaves, my phone never stops ringing, and quite frankly… Continue reading

Browsing the Job Market Shelves

While searching for jobs on,, or, I always stumble upon job descriptions with spelling mistakes or over-the-top requirements. So, I’ve compiled a list of those jobs and have categorized them by market. UPSCALE NICHE EMPLOYERS Agency Account Executive for Stand-up Comedian Boutique agency and marketing services firm is lost without you. Well,… Continue reading

Polish Spam.

I received an email this morning, which I am categorizing as “spam scam scum.” Emails from evildoers, who have somehow escaped the access of evil, sneaked into Rwanda, or in this case Poland, and send emails to the most vulnerable — the broke or unemployed.  Hopefully, most people are savvy enough to realize the devastating… Continue reading

Spam Facebook Friends.

Mr Successful.Antonietta Willa. Ross Dalang. Curtis Mignon.Bettyann Kimberley to smelly132. Shaquita Arnette. Jon C. Lan Shirely. Hyper Jadulz.Bra. Marquita Skye.Zola Nereida. Hiram BODREA.A Friend. Maddie Gwendolyn. Melvina Linsey. Suzann Sixta. Maud Lean. Chiquita Cindi.Alyssa Jacquetta. Flora Adella. Cammy Chelsey. Learn how to seduce anyone you want! Someone in your town has a crush on you. Important… Continue reading