I am Indebted to Debt

Image via Wikipedia In tribute to the brain dead politicians who wasted billions of dollars last week while trying to resolve the debt crisis, I’m reposting this piece from 2009. Are you a Debtutant? “Nothing says give me a break like a credit card slap in the hand,” the sales lady said. “Yes,” the others… Continue reading

Damn Naggers!

Image by onlinewoman via Flickr There I said it, the “N” word. Nagger! Nagger! Nagger! Too many naggers in my life. Take my car, please. CARL CARBeep. Beep. Beep. Your seatbelt is off. Your seatbelt is off. Put on your damn seat belt. MEShut up already. I got it! CARL CARYou don’t have to be… Continue reading