Can three clueless morons live together without screwing things up?

 Watch the comedy web series Gentlemen’s Dwelling to find out.


“The Champagne Of Web-Series”

Starring Ben Leasure, Joe Lankheet, and Zach Stasz

Directed By Giles Sherwood. Written By Joe Lankheet


Follow the misadventures of three clueless morons, Donald, Louie, and Crantz, as they try to make sense out of . . . anything.

Lacking good judgment and unable to grasp the meaning of the word simple, the three intellectually challenged roommates have a knack for creating chaos out of every situation.

In the first episode, New Roommate, instead of loaning brother, Donald, $35 to help him pay his portion of the rent, Louie comes up with the brilliant idea, “Let’s get a roommate!“ So, they invite their weird neighbor Crantz to move in with them.

I’m not a fan of bathroom humor but thought the episode was funny, though some of the flashbacks could have been shortened or eliminated, which was the case in the second episode, Sherry Baby – I thought was funnier than the first and didn’t have any flashbacks or bathroom humor.

I recommend that you check out all six episodes of Gentlemen’s Dwelling. The writing is strong and the scenes shot with excellent production value and direction. The actors have great chemistry, as well as great comedic sense. I can see this series continuing a very long time. It’s fun and like creeper weed, gets stronger as it percolates in your brain.

Here’s what others are saying:

If you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t seen the first three episodes of Gentlemen’s Dwelling, now’s your chance at

Short episodes with maximum yuks, just the way you like ’em.

*Sigh* They just keep getting better and better. Love you guys!!



Gentlemen’s Dwelling Trailer

Weekly 7 min. episodes posted at 12 a.m on Wednesdays.

Nest shows: October 17th & 24th, the last show of the first season.

Watch the first six episodes free at with one quick commercial beforehand.

More episodes airing in November. The second season debuts summer 2013.

If you like tee-shirts, you’ll love Gentlemen’s Dwelling tee-shirts.

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eBook Review: Shit that Pisses Me Off

When asked to review Peg Tittle’s eBook, “Shit that Pisses Me Off,” a collection of 25 previously published essays with attitude, I couldn’t say no. I had found a pissed off kindred spirit who writes radioactive prose with a hint of sardonic wit. Also, her name is cool.

Peg sets her sights on a subject with laser sharp accuracy then hurls words like missiles in her collection of 25 cogent essays on the foibles and hypocrisies of life.

In the first essay, “You Oughtta Need a License for that,” Peg deconstructs the disingenuous argument on the sanctity of life.

“We wouldn’t accept such wanton creation of life if it happened in the lab. Why do we condone it when it happens in bedrooms and backseats? . . . It should be illegal to create a John Doe Junior to carry on the family name/business.”

And on the question of the right to reproduce,

“Oh but we can’t interfere with people’s right to reproduce! . . . Merely having a capability doesn’t entail the right to exercise that capability.”

In “Mr. and Mrs.,” a rant on society’s branding of the sexes, Peg lashes out at the subliminal herding of men and women.

“. . . ‘people identify each other by sex. All the time. It’s like ‘Female Person Smith’ and ‘Male Person Brown’ or ‘Person-with-Uterus Smith’ and ‘Person-with Penis Brown.'”

Peg tackles the hypocrisy of gender genre fiction in a compelling piece aptly titled, “Women’s fiction.”

“And what exactly is ‘women’s fiction’? Fiction by women? . . . And what’s that, fiction that women are interested in? As if all women are interested in the same things.”

In the controversial essay, “In Commemoration of the Holocaust,” Peg dissects the duplicity of religion and mocks the sheep mentality of the flock.

“I’m not saying it didn’t happen. I’m not saying that, in any way, it was okay. But I’d like to point out that a devout Jew would’ve done, would do, the same thing to the Germans—if God told him to. ‘Oh but God would never command such a thing.’  Take a better look at your Bible . . .”

— A piece that caused me some angst because of my Jewish background. I understand Peg’s commentary on the hypocrisy of religion. But I was uncomfortable with her use of the Holocaust to formulate her argument. Perhaps, several examples would have been more “fair and balanced,” to quote Fox news.

Nothing fair and balanced about that echo chamber, IMO. Now that I’ve stepped on that landmine, I won’t be receiving triage from my right leaning friends.

Whether you agree or disagree with Peg’s position on the issues, “Shit that Pisses Me Off” will stick to your brain long after you’ve ingested every word — No thought evacuations here. Her writing is adept and titillating – her name is Tittle after all – her razor sharp words will slice and dice the cerebral jugular.

If you enjoy reading smart, witty essays that challenge the intellect, download a copy of “Shit that Pisses Me Off” for $2.99 at Amazon and get pissed off, too.

To learn more about Peg Tittle and her writing please swing by her website Bite-Sized Subversions – challenging thoughts about everyday things.

I am thrilled to feature a chapter from “Shit that Pisses Me Off” on Think Spin in the coming days.

Other books by Peg Tittle:

Critical Thinking: An Appeal to Reason

What If…Collected Thought Experiments in Philosophy

Should Parents be Licensed? Debating the Issues

Ethical Issues in Business—Inquiries, Cases, and Readings

Full disclosure: I received a free copy of “Shit that Pisses Me off” for writing the review.

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Adopt an indie artist! They’re housebroken and well-behaved.


I’d like to help promote indie artists by “adopting” them or promoting them on my blog by posting a video, mentioning an upcoming event, and then placing their picture with a link in the sidebar for a week. To start things rolling, this week I’m adopting Elza, an award-winning songwriter, who performs a spicy blend of blues, jazz, and folk-rock a.k.a. Acoustic Soul.”

Elza will be performing Fri, Apr. 9 – 6:30-9:00 PM in Ridgefield, CT at the Cutting Board Cafe in the dingy dark outer world that can only be found with night vision goggles or artificial intelligent back seat drivers. I hope all of you tri-state music and endorphin junkies will head for the hills into the CT boonies, or the Ozark of the east, where streetlights and sewers are a rare commodity and deer are regarded as vermin instead of Disney characters, and stop by the Cutting Board Cafe to see Elza perform. She has toured extensively and has shared the stage with such icons as Grammy Award Winner, Charlie Colin of Train, Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead, Martin Sexton, and Catie Curtis.

If you can’t make it to Ridgefield, CT from, let’s say, Long Beach, CA or Venice, Italy, enjoy the video of Elza’s gritty hard-core club performance. No Blue Ray or HD quality technological perfection here. This is off the rack and heart-on-the-sleeve stuff. No martinis or champagne. Only beer and wine and an occasional scotch or Margarita with salt.

If you’d like to join me in promoting or adopting an indie artist every Tuesday, please copy the below picture with link and place it in your sidebar for a week to help get the word out and then recommend an artist that you’d like to help promote, and I’ll place the picture and link in my sidebar for a week and also post the video.

Let me know what you think of my “Adopt an Indie Artist” idea, as long as it doesn’t involve going to hell before my planned departure date or the use of really, really bad language. And please, don’t throw eggs. I bruise easily.

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If evolution didn’t work, we’d all be swimming with the fishes

A boy enjoys a fish tank at the Oklahoma Aquarium





However, DNA and PTA evidence refutes the fish hypothesis.




If evolution works is no longer a theory, as the Internet Web Atlas indicates high levels of commentary activity in the Diarist Zone.


On a clear night in the Blogosphere, a web gazer doesn’t need Google to find the website if evolution works, located in the outer regions of the constellation Suburbius. Ifevolutionworks, a mom-owned cyberspace boutique, can be easily identified by its strong gravitational pull of loyal readers orbiting the site in a ring of hands.


Many prominent Webologists believe the hands to be an interplanetary expression of affirmation to Nancy, the site’s proprietor, who delivers honest and direct commentary on life with wit, wisdom, and Darwinian like observations that are both refreshing and entertaining. Please take a moment to travel to the Diarist Zone to join hands with other faithful followers of and succumb to the gravitational pull of Nancy.


While further parsing the results of evolutionary consequences, a momentary course correction leads to an unexplored sector of cyberspace and the question:


What if life began in a cesspool instead of a gene pool?


And . . . what if evolution didn’t work?


An evolutionary role reversal would take place, putting fish at the opposite end of the pole.


What would happen if fish ruled the world?

  1. Instead of having Sushi for dinner, Sushi would be having you for dinner
  2. As the main course on the menu, you’d be served with a red-faced whine rather than a Chardonnay
  3. A chum would be considered a bucket of shark bait and not a pal
  4. Instead of a room with a view, you’d be the view, in your new glassy aquatic condo:
  5. Fish tank per gallon in relation to apartment size:
  •      5 gallon tank – studio
  •      10 gallon – 1 bedroom
  •      20 gallon – 2 bedrooms
  •      100 gallon – Duplex in Trump Towers

6.  Being hooked on phonetics would have a whole new meaning

     7.  If you think something fishy’s going on, it will likely be you

     8.  Being deboned will be the equivalent to having liposuction

     9.  A cold-blooded Barracuda will be the new bitch

   10.  Amoeba proteus will be a distant relative on the other side of the pond

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