10.0 Hormonal Quake!

According to the Richter scale, a 10.0 quake  (15.0 gigatons)  has never been recorded by humans, at least until now. Image via Wikipedia This week, hormonal seismic activity is off the charts.  Humans scare me.   I only interact with creatures with four legs or more. Words I once used with ease like “hello.”  Now get tangled… Continue reading

1960 Plane Crash Victims Families Exploited by Local Media.

Image by writRHET via Flickr Fallout from a Plane Crash. On December 16, 1960, United Flight 826 and TWA Flight 266 collided over Staten Island, New York. The United plane, while attempting an emergency landing at LaGuardia Airport, crashed into the Park Slope section of Brooklyn. From the Green-Wood Historical Fund: Ten brownstones near the… Continue reading

Stuff that makes my head explode

  A list of incendiary vices Prescription drug commercials about digestive or urinary problems, skin conditions, depression due to said conditions, or erectile dysfunction med symptoms that cause erections to last longer than 72 hours, sudden blindness, insomnia, and incessant howling at the moon. Squeaky supermarket carts with broken wheels stuck in a perpetual right-hand turn… Continue reading

Saturday’s Child

Another day of restlessness in the out of work place. Checking job sites is both depressing and aggravating. There should be a site called, “Perpetual Lunch Break.” Though the food in my refrigerator continues to dwindle down to staples only. Today, a Reagan Ketchup Sandwich is on the menu. A colorful liquid food that is… Continue reading