Big Biz Cuts Jobs and Runs Overseas to Invest Over There


Now that Big Biz has helped stall the economy because they’re not adding new workers, and in fact, laying workers off, they’re cutting and running overseas to invest in growth over there.

Warning: Do not ingest any food byproducts before reading this.

Today from the Los Angeles Times:

Newell Rubbermaid Inc., one of the biggest marketers of children’s car seats, for example, is expanding in Brazil instead of the United States. While young Americans are putting off having children, in part because of the poor economy, Brazil’s middle class is growing, and many more young couples are starting families.

So more Brazilians have the money to buy new, upscale car seats while more U.S. parents are making do with cheaper brands or hand-me-downs.

It also helps Brazil that it recently mandated car seats for infants, says David Doolittle, a spokesman for Newell, which sells Graco baby gear, Parker pens and Sharpie markers. While Newell’s employment and operations in the U.S. are stable, he said, “We’re just not doing a lot of new investment. We’re putting it all behind emerging countries.”

Screw the American consumer stuck in a pile of Big Biz droppings. It appears that BB has given up on job creation at home and the middle class and is taking their business overseas to consumers in Asia and Latin America where people can purchase their products because they have their jobs.

Big Biz is killing the American economy and Congress won’t do anything about it because Big Biz is their sugar daddy.

So, in honor of Big Biz and Congress’ desire to blow them instead of represent the people that voted them into office, I give you my adaptation of the 1917 song “Over There.”

Over There

Over there, over there,
They send the jobs, send the jobs over there

Big Biz is coming, Big Biz is coming
The cash flow-flowing everywhere
So prepare, they don’t care,
They send the jobs, send the jobs over there

We’ll be over, they’re going over,
And they won’t come back ’cause their money’s over there

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Rapping the Rapture

Volcanic material thrust high into the atmosph...Image via Wikipedia

When I stepped outside to get some air,
I got the fire and brimstone in my hair

The sky was dark as midnight, as dirty as coal
Then thousands of Locusts swarmed up my nose

My sinuses throbbed, thought they might explode
I couldn’t find a tissue and that really blows

I’m enraptured with the rapture, the end of days
Got a pile of bills I don’t have to pay
My credit cards melted in volcanic flames
But the fire’ll be doused in the tidal wave

Fighting my way through a crush of bugs
According to Anderson 360 more got off the bus

Roaming gangs of six-legged creepy crawly thugs
Knocked me down to the ground face first in the mud

With my wrists bound tight in sticky strip ropes,
Can’t get a shot of the rapture on my new iPhone

I’m enraptured with the rapture, the end of days
Got a pile of bills I don’t have to pay
My credit cards melted in volcanic flames
But the fire’ll be doused in the tidal wave

Before my cell phone dies, I’m praying to God
Just one last text message is all I want

Got to post those rapture pictures to my blog
But the only cell service is in Hades or Prague

It’s God’s will to kill the tweets and make the emails stop
He just wrote the last chapter in the Book of Job

I’m enraptured with the rapture, the end of days
Got a pile of bills I don’t have to pay
My credit cards melted in volcanic flames
But the fire’ll be doused in the tidal wave

Got the rapture
Got the rapture
Woosh! Tidal wave.
It’s so cold down under,
here after in the end of days
That’s a rap.

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Rant Du Jour: Billionaire/Corporate Tax Cuts, What are They Good For?

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Another Raise for the One Percent Elite?

Heaping more feed into a billionaire’s trough isn’t a Republican or a Democratic issue.  It’s an American issue.

Do Americans really want to give billionaires another raise? Do Americans really want to cut the corporate tax rate?

In order to donate more to the top 1%, Medicaid will go under the knife, cutting benefits for the most vulnerable: children, the elderly, and disabled.

Because according to Congressman Paul Ryan, it’s important to transform our social safety net into a safety hammock.

This is a future in which we will transform our social safety net into a hammock, which lulls able-bodied people into lives of complacency and dependency.

Oh, that’s right poor children, the elderly, and disabled are just lazy and complacent, always taking naps on the hammock instead of working full-time jobs. The last time I checked, we had child labor laws, unless Ryan wants to yank kids out of elementary school and put them to work on Wall Street. They’d probably do a better job.

As far as the Social Security hammock is concerned, turns out that Ryan and Social Security are old school friends.

One day as a 16 year old, Ryan came upon the lifeless body of his father. Paul Ryan, Sr. had died of a heart attack at age 55, leaving the Janesville Craig High School 10th grader, his three older brothers and sisters and his mother alone. It was Paul who told the family of his father’s death.

With his father’s passing, young Paul collected Social Security benefits until age 18, which he put away for college.

So, even though Ryan himself swung on the safety hammock for two years, others should not. I hear echoes of a politician’s hypocritic oath.

If you’d like to see which corporations and PACs contributed to Ryan’s campaign, scroll down this long list of campaign contributors, all industry and corporate heavy weights, from bankers to insurers, to right to life PACs, all those interested in dismantling the social safety net.

To my Republican friends, sure cutting the budget sounds sexy, and I agree there should be cuts. But these cuts are not about reducing the deficit. These cuts are about destroying the middle class.

Are middle class Republicans willing to take one for the team?

The budget cuts and tax cuts are not designed to help Americans. They are designed to help corporations and billionaires.

We already know that many corporations don’t even pay taxes, while stockpiling profits in offshore bank accounts in the Cayman Islands. I hear it’s lovely this time of year.

Why hasn’t ten years of billionaire tax cuts created more jobs? Because tax cuts don’t create jobs. It’s a fantasy. If anything, tax cuts just perpetuate greed.

Republicans are not just the problem. It’s politicians in general. Democrats also like to keep a hope chest of lobbyist dollars beneath the people’s seat. Sure, the Dems don’t want to see such severe budget cuts but stop the buck right here by not barbecuing all that pork. Yes, I know. Republicans like pork, too.

We all believe that we need to cut spending and reduce the deficit, but we have to be fair and smart about it. Giving billionaires and corporations a raise by cutting important life saving programs sounds pretty dumb to me.

Yes, the bureaucracy is bloated. Yes, fat needs to be cut from the budget. Privatization of industry doesn’t eliminate bureaucracy or reduce incompetency. It just creates fatter cats.

We see how well privatizing healthcare turned out. How many people have been turned down for life saving procedures or operations that ultimately led to their deaths? For corporations, it’s all about the bottom line. People are just numbers.

Just look at all the corporate profits in 2010 and the unemployment rate. It’s obvious corporations are more concerned with making profits than giving back to society. Privatizing any industry would not be good for the American people. It would be good for corporate profits.

And that is why God created lobbyists and deep pockets. At the end of the day, whoever has the most money wins. Congratulations top one percent!

Everyone else below the grade just follow the herd over the cliff, you poor pathetic sheep.

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Humor Helps but at Times There’s Nothing like a Good Rant

The Statue of Liberty front shot, on Liberty I...Image via Wikipedia

Several years ago, the universe shifted and knocked most of us off our feet, while others still reap in the rewards.

The ground is still not stable.

Every day we struggle to find a piece of debris that once was the American dream. The dream that has gotten away from most of us, that only one percent still holds.

Economic bon vivants and talking empty heads vomit words fed to them by lobbyists, while dining at restaurants, as, we, the people eat table scraps scattered on the floor.

It used to be easy to get in the door, but now there is a schism so wide it extends from shore to darkened shore, preventing us from picking up the dusty remnants of the American dream.

We dust it off the homes we have to say goodbye to.

We dust it off the cars that were repossessed.

We dust it off our savings that dies slowly, while hooked up to life support.

We lost everything we once took for granted that we can’t take for granted anymore.

But not the bankers, politicians, and CEOs. They climb higher toward the pie in the sky on the greenbacks of the people that fell beneath them.

They are royalty and fat cats, gathering the leave-behinds that get smaller in the rearview mirrors of the cars driven by every man, for he is the fool who pays taxes and follows the rules as lawyers hired by royalty help them jump through loopholes in the Cayman Islands.

But there are other places to go.

They move their corporations out of the United States to countries with lower tax rates. See the jobs disappear faster than a politician can pull a lobbyist out his ass.

Now the fat cats own the American dream, while Americans sit and dream of the way life used to be.

There was a time we derived pleasure from simplicity but nothing’s simple anymore.

Several years ago, the universe shifted and knocked most of us off our feet, while others still reap in the rewards.

How can that be? When the dream died, did it put the CEOs in charge?

When did, we, the people snuff the fire from our eyes?

The fire is our only hope for taking back the American dream. Out of the ashes our dreams will one day grow.

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Corporate Tax Avoidance Syndrome: Signs, Symptoms and Causes.

Is There a Cure
for Corporate Tax Avoidance Syndrome?

Yes, Collective Outrage!

For a nice blood pressure spike, swing by and read the list of corporations beside GE that are not paying taxes.
Although for our purposes, I’m going to shine a light on GE.
In Jayne’s latest weekend recap posted at her wonderfully witty and informative site injaynesworld, Jayne smacks down GE for not paying any U.S.Taxes in 2009 and 2010.

But is Jayne being too tough on the poor GE billionaires? Paying taxes is so proletarian.

Why shouldn’t GE be able to keep every penny of their $14.2 billion profits they made in 2010 — $5.1 billion from its operations in the United States — and spread the wealth among their top 1% earning cronies? How else will they be able to keep making those monthly payments on their yachts and planes.

After reading Jayne’s post, I was so friggin angry that I had to comment. Then Jayne commented back and suggested that I publish my response in a blog post, which is the reason we are all here today — all three of us.

This is what I wrote (slightly edited for flow):

I was just watching a report on Caterpillar Corporation. The Caterpillar CEO is threatening to move the company out of Illinois because the state raised the state income tax by 2 1/2%, which could cost the state 23,000 jobs.

Despite the fact that…

“Caterpillar’s Profits for 2010 $2.7 BILLION, An increase of 202% from 2009.”

And the CEO is complaining about paying more taxes. WTF? No problem. The middle class can pick up the slack. We’ll cut back on luxury items like vegetables and eat Ketchup instead. After all, Ketchup is another food group.

The teachers will also help reduce the corporate tax burden when they lose their jobs due to cut backs. Then the schools can pack the kids into classrooms like cattle. Because that’s all we are. Dumb cattle that follow our politicians and corporate overlords to slaughter.

What is wrong with this country? Corporations barely pay anything in taxes, aren’t taxed when they take their business overseas, and are allowed to hide their money in off shore bank accounts. No wonder the country is broke.

Warning: To my Republican friends, the following is an angry commentary on the Republican tax cuts. There’s still time to look away. 

If the Republicans have their way, funding will be cut for programs such as meals on wheels, Planned Parenthood (they provide other medical services beside abortions), nutrition, Head Start, job training grants, and EPA regulations will be eliminated.

Me thinks the Republicans want to plunge the country into an even deeper recession to completely destroy the middle class in addition to Obama’s presidency.

Sadly, George Carlin was right. Corporations run the country. We’ll be going to the video tape shortly.

Life has changed forever. Employment has changed forever. The new reality is that folks have to survive on several part-time jobs with less pay and without benefits, which isn’t anything like friends with benefits.

How do you stop an enemy that not only produces the fabric of our society but sells the fabric, too? You don’t – 1984. Now I’m really depressed.

Now, to borrow Jayne’s words: Here’s a little bit about “The American Dream” from the genius of the late George Carlin.  Recorded in 2005, it’s even more timely today…

What say you about all the bulk in corporate bank accounts?
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I Got Snaked by a Plumber.

Barker at the grounds at the Vermont state fai...Image via Wikipedia

A Real Story w/ Real People.  Really!

In a community far, far away, a streaming thought video broadcasts from my brain.

A water pipe breaks. The drips are less than a second apart. 

Water leaks beneath the kitchen sink and seeps below to the garage. 
I call a plumber while worrying about my dog’s 8:30 a.m. appointment with a canine orthopedist to assess her knee. 
The plumber says, “I can be there by 10:00.” 
All brainwave function ceases. I forget about asking questions and about the importance of quotes – an estimated cost, not a favorite phrase.
I respond with unoxygenated words, “Great! See you then.” I continue obsessing on my dog’s ligament health. A knee-jerk reaction.
The appointment with the mutt orthopedist goes well. The dog doc says, “Her knee is strong.”  
My dog bounds left then right, sniffing a package on the shelf, a cat in a carrier, a dog’s butt on the way out. “The knee is strong.”
Back to the house to check its plumbing.
9:35. Drip, drip, drip. Did I hear a gush? No. Just an extended trickle.
I start cleaning the house for the plumber.
Drip, drip, drip.
Ten o’clock goes out like a surge through a downspout. 
No plumber or plumber phone call. No brain activity or quantitative thought on a possible drain to our bank account.
Onto 10:30 then 11:00 and the big 11:30. The dogs bark. A truck idles in the driveway; the motor speaks its last words and then dies. 
A man stands at the door. He puts on waterproof booties before trudging through the hall.  
He doesn’t want to get his shoes dirty.
He opens two cabinet doors beneath the kitchen sink. “You’ve got a bad leak here.”
Wow! He’s good.
“Do you have a well?”
Well … partial brain activity. “Yes, we do.”
“I’m going to shut it down.” 
Like Chef Ramsey! 
I lead him down the basement steps to the utility room, the engine room of a house. 
“She can’t take much more of this captain.” – Scotty, Star Trek. 
He turns off the water. 
I think I have to pee. Just a passing thought.
“Where’s the garage?” 
Dude, this is the basement. One plus one equals two. 
“This way.”  I show him through the door that opens to the garage.
Drip, drip, drip.
“Where’s the leak?” 
Dude, can’t you hear that sound or is it just in my head? 
“Over here.” We swing through a wooden gate to a dog ramp soaked with H20.
He gauges the problem.
“It’s a bad leak.”
I know that, Dude.
We walk toward the back of his truck. 
Is this going to be a hostage situation?
“You need a new faucet,” he says, then jumps into the truck and picks up two boxes. “Which one do you want – Box #1 or Box #2? They’re Moen” – Not Moët.
The one without the goose neck.
“I’ll take Box #1.” I hope I made the right choice.
Still no brain function.
He installs the new faucet and hands me the bill. “This is my quote.” 
Synapses activity detected – Shouldn’t quotes be given over the phone?
I read the bill. My heart takes a breather and then skips a beat. “$515?”
“That’s the total cost which includes parts and labor.” 
Dude, I know about labor and this is way worse than that.
A hostage situation unfolds. I pay the ransom with a check. A credit card costs an extra 40%. 
Maybe the check will bounce. 
He hands me his card. “We also take care of boilers and water tanks.” 
I bet you do. 
He cleans up the mess and leaves, which jump starts my brain.
$515? That’s several weeks of groceries or a couple nights at an inn.
He wasn’t a plumber. He was a sideshow barker selling snake oil and I got snaked.

Do you have a plumbing horror story?

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10.0 Hormonal Quake!

According to the Richter scale, a 10.0 quake 
(15.0 gigatons) 
has never been recorded by humans,
at least until now.

STRANGEImage via Wikipedia

This week, hormonal seismic activity 
is off the charts. 

Humans scare me.  

I only interact with creatures with four legs or more.

Words I once used with ease like “hello.” 

Now get tangled up in my tongue.

I avoid the human genome at every cost. 

Does that make me a genomeaphobe?

To celebrate my temporary departure from the human race,

Please join me for a perimenopausal cocktail.

Image via Wikipedia

and then on a  

Drive Past Asylum Street.

 Be sure to

Fasten Your Brain Belts. Turbulence Ahead.


 Mine is on a head-trip.

Please forgive me for not returning your calls.

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It Takes a Comedian to Save a 9/11 Bill.

Image by Getty Images via @daylife

Jon Stewart Snakes Clogged Congressional Pipes in Passage of 9/11 Bill.

After a Republican filibuster on Dec. 10, the 9/11 responders bill sank to the bottom of the Congressional crapper against a mammoth clog of bullshit left by Republicans who felt that the $7.4 billion price tag was too high. Yet, Republicans had no problem voting for an extension of the Bush tax cuts that will cost approximately $860 billion.

Despite impassioned pleas by two New York Senators and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the bill’s passage still appeared hopeless until one vocal advocate, comedian Jon Stewart, devoted an entire episode of the Daily Show to the 9/11 bill.

It was only then that the elephants in the chamber stopped chomping on their nuts long enough to snake the mammoth clog of bullshit in the Congressional crapper, thus allowing the 9/11 bill to pass though the Federal sewer system also known as the U.S. government.

Not even the broadcast news voiced their outrage of the filibuster or covered the story while the 9/11 bill languished at the bottom of the Congressional crapper and instead devoted time to more important issues, like iTunes acquisition of the Beatles music catalog.

The Jon Stewart episode on the 9/11 bill kneed the network news establishment in the groin as the painful realization of the importance of reporting the 9/11 bill’s progress radiated down their legs.

Once the Daily Show episode aired, slamming the Republican filibuster and the broadcast networks failure to cover the bill for more than two months, Congress reshuffled their priorities and the networks began to cover the bill’s progress.

To put this all in perspective, it took the passionate pleas of a satire news host to slap cold water on the face of the Republican party and to resuscitate the hearts and minds of the network news establishment.

Other voices weighed in on Jon Stewart’s advocacy of the 9/11 bill, as noted in a Dec. 26 article in the New York Times:

Eric Ortner, a former ABC News senior producer who worked as a medic at the World Trade Center site on 9/11, expressed dismay that Mr. Stewart had been virtually alone in expressing outrage early on.

“In just nine months’ time, my skilled colleagues will be jockeying to outdo one another on 10th anniversary coverage” of the attacks, Mr. Ortner wrote in an e-mail. “It’s when the press was needed most, when sunlight truly could disinfect,” he said, that the news networks were not there.

Sadly, this illustrates the broadcast networks propensity to air stories they feel will appeal to the masses rather than to actually report the news. That’s why I, and likely others, watch CNN and The Daily Show instead or read the news online where I know can  find cogent news stories and not fluff about a Paris Hilton drug bust.

I’m not a doctor, or play one on TV, but I can see through my progressive lenses, pun intended, that things are broken in Washington and on my TV.

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