The thing about life is…


You always think you have one more day
to make things right,
to say you’re sorry,
to hold a loved one tight

You never think the day will come
when all those thoughts that whooshed through your mind
never find the other bookend
that keeps its side of the bargain…

The last piece of the puzzle that fits into the empty space,
so all the other pieces can make a whole

You never think the day will come
when the words that were meant to be said
stay wrapped up inside your tongue,
a tightly woven thought that will never become undone

In Memory of Freckles

Jim and Freckles

Jim and Freckles

I Don’t Care


July MoonThe sun shines down on my hair,

But I don’t care.

The blue behind the clouds

Is darker than allowed,

In the sky swiftly drifting by

Without a whisper for me,

Planted on my knees in the weeds,

Ripping roots from the dirt.

Toils of desperation

Smears sweat across the hurt

Of nothing to show from the extraction of a menace

That knows no limitations,

Exponentially grows faster than I can purge from the ground.

One down, fifty more plus turns the grass brown.

In the quiet tired of late day introspection,

Lost in the sacrosanct moment of regrettable decisions,

Where murky thoughts float through air

Into shadows, then nothing is there,

Slipping into dark, in a quickly ebbing day.

But I don’t care.