Degrees of Insanity.

Image via Wikipedia In eighty-degree heat, my son graduates with an associate’s degree. He moves on to a four-year school.We move on to find our chairs.We sit. Nearby, a baby cries.Make that ten babies. At the podium, the speaker is a board chair.I’m bored in a chair. Same thing, sort of. In the audience, a… Continue reading

Asperger is not a Cheese.

Image via Wikipedia The name Asperger always reminded me of Limburger, the smelly cheese. Yes, Asperger’s Syndrome also stinks but in other . . . let me count the ways. Socially, developmentally, organizationally, motivationally. Sick of the Ly’s yet? That’s okay, because I’m done with the intro and moving into the heart of the cheese,… Continue reading