P&G Swiffer Picks up Playboy Dust Bunny at Seedy Hollywood Bar.

A Sordid Affair. Earlier today, news of an alleged tryst between P&G Swiffer and a Playboy Dust Bunny shook the household cleaning category. Image via Wikipedia Right wing activist, Mr. Clean, broke the story following several eyewitness accounts alleging that P&G Swiffer and Dust Bunny were seen clinging to each other in the back of a Hollywood… Continue reading

Squirrels go nuts for the snap, crackle, pop of Christmas lights! They’re tasty and fat-free!

Two out of three squirrels prefer Christmas lights to nuts. I wasn’t going to post today, until an article about squirrels eating Christmas lights piqued my interest. The article aptly entitled, “Squirrels chew up Fredericton’s Christmas lights,” hooked my brain as soon as it associated the word squirrel with chew and then Christmas lights. While reading… Continue reading