Anti-Bullying Horror Film, Red Head Randy, Seeks to Scare the Shit out of Bullies

Bullying kills self-esteem, which in some cases, leads to suicide when a demoralized kid sees no other way out.

In honor of National Bully Prevention Month, I’m helping indie filmmaker Raymond Deane promote his Anti-Bullying Horror Film, “Red Head Randy,” about a high school student who is harassed and beaten for being gay.

Tormented by bullies who relentlessly tease him about his red hair and mannerisms — call him names like faggot, ginger kid and freak then beat him up — high school has become a living hell for “Red Head Randy,” the nickname given to him by his tormentors — But the torture doesn’t stop there.

The bullies create a cyberbullying site where they post hateful things about him. Demoralized, lonely and depressed, Randy sees suicide as his only way out and kills himself.

But Randy’s tortured soul cannot rest until those responsible for his death are punished. One-by-one, he tracks them down to show them what torture is really like!

 The Trailer

Help scare the SHIT outta bullies by supporting the filmmaker. Let’s get this movie in the can!

For more information on Red Head Randy, check out these links:

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Is that a Cell Tower in Your Yard or Do You Just Glow Girl?

On a murky moonless night, in a bucolic New England town with few streetlights and many twisted ankles, a 150-ft Cell Tower Cyborg disguised as a tree descended from the sky…

…landing in a blurry residential neighborhood in Ridgefield, CT.
Angry citizens stormed the streets in a black and white section of town where people drink ginger ale.
“WTF?” yelled Roquefort Macaroni, the First Selectman, a.k.a. da Mayor. “That thing is bigger than the rendering.”

“Of course it is, you schmuck,” said Citizen Blaine. “The rendering was only ledger size.”

“Crap! That was one big piece of paper,” Macaroni mumbled while searching for a Mexican restaurant on his Blackberry.

“It was 11″ x 17″- not 150-ft!  Do the math!”

“Maybe it’s like objects in rear view mirrors appearing larger than they are.
Let me get my glasses and I’ll take another look-see.”
(Sticks a contact lens in each eye.)

Closeup showing contact lensImage via Wikipedia

Holy shit! That stealth tree is an eyesore.”

“You once called it a ‘funny tree,’ pined Citizen Blaine.

“Hey, I’m looking at that monstrosity and there ain’t nothing funny about it.”

“You need to chop it down!”

“And risk pissing off the telecom stuffed shirts?  They hide microwaves in their tie clips.”
“Lesser of two evils. Better than fighting off an angry mob with torches in a non smoking area …”
An angry mob storms the Yidingmu police statio...Image via Wikipedia
“…Besides, smoke is an eyesore, too.”
Are you fighting a telecom in your neck of the woods or flatlands?

Information on Cell Towers and our fight:

Video testimonial from a doctor in Washington, CT who suffered adverse health effects from a nearby cell tower:

Full Article: Cell Tower Refugees


The Cell Tower Presentation I created from extensive research.

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