Canadians Blamed for Blast of Frigid Air or is that Frigidaire?


CANADA – A Country That Thinks it’s Above US.

An unnamed source in my head has credible intelligence suggesting that Canada is behind the recent blast of frigid air that has slammed the northern section of the United States.

To purge itself of freezing temperatures, Canada, reportedly, conspired with El Niño, La Niña and Mother Nature, or Madre Naturaleza, to blast a polar air mass across the Alaskan border into U.S. airspace. Just days after an arctic air outbreak forced the closure of several Canadian schools now under quarantine.

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Is Double Linking the Same as Double Dipping?


Linking two prompts with one post.

Five Sentence Fiction: Forgotten

Silly Sunday

My apologies to Rhonda. Today, I have a linking problem.


Jake picking up a scent of God knows what.


Following the Scent of Keys

Where did I leave my keys? Did I lose them down the FedEx chute while dropping off the package? No, I drove home, stuffed them in my pocket and then left them in a burglarproof place. After pinpointing their location in my head, I lost it when my dog ambushed me at the fridge. If only he could pick up the scent of nickel, plated brass instead of another dog’s ass.


Lillie McFerrin Writes


I’m participating in Lillie McFerrin’s weekly Five Sentence Fiction prompt — Forgotten.

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I’m also linking to Silly Sunday since this piece is rather — .  Silly Sunday is hosted by Rhonda of Laugh-Quotes.


M.I.A. in FLA – I’m Back but My Brain Stayed!


Lauren flying through stars

My blog has been mute for a week.

Testing – one, two, three. Ahem. It’s back!

I found my voice, lost during silent strolls along Atlantic Beach – the sun on my back, fifty-degree ocean water at my feet. One quick toe dip, I stuck to sand and the sand stuck to me.


Feet in sand

Last Friday, hubby, son and I flew to Florida for the weekend, my first vacation in three years, not including the occasional mind trip.

Wing in clouds

The weather cooperated with my perception of Florida and dished out eighty-degree days of tepid bliss.

Rush hour on Neptune Beach

Dressed in flip-flops, Capri pants and a sleeveless blouse, I shuffled along sun-baked brick streets…

Atlantic Beach Walk

Sun baked brick walkway











…and ate homemade food outside local eateries with the wind in my hair, enjoying good food and conversation.

Zack morning


More fine dining at night. I washed down a red snapper with two martinis. Throughout dinner, the fish looked up at me, a full form specimen, laid out on my plate, wide-eyed on its side. That night, I broke my dining prime directive: never order food that can stare at you while you eat.


Fish food


A walk back to the room, through breezy ocean air, flushed the fish eyes from my mind. Later, I drifted off to sleep listening to waves wash onto the beach, the sound louder than my sleep machine at home. I tried to adjust the volume but couldn’t find the dial.


Neptune Beach Sunrise


When was the last time you went away?

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Five Sentence Fiction: MIDNIGHT


Midnight Eyes

His midnight eyes, impenetrable, like a moonless night, gaze at the ravenous lick of flames. As my thoughts linger in prescription limbo, fire chars memories of our first kiss, a blissful, sunlit moment disguising a dark secret until now.

Sitting across from him, in the smoky, thickening air, I said goodbye to his coldness that inextricably bound me to a chair. His crooked smile reflects the darkness from within, turned inside out by a car idling in the driveway; thirty years of a life, stuffed into one suitcase, tossed onto the backseat.

“If I can’t have you, no one can,” then he slipped the barrel between his lips and squeezed the trigger; as the deafening sound rings in my ears, smoke tightens its hold on my throat.


I’m participating in Five-Sentence Fiction, hosted by Lillie McFerrin at Lillie McFerrin Writes. This week’s writing prompt is MIDNIGHT.


Lillie McFerrin