Tech Essential Transporter for the Home

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Homestead Barco Transporter

Homestead Barco Transporter for People Who Hate to Exercise

Climbing up a flight of stairs can be tedious and exhausting, especially after a long day at the office. Hiking up twenty steps is the last thing you want to do and risk straining a muscle or falling down stairs.

With the Homestead Barco Transporter, the only step you take is into our highly customizable hover pod with comfy chair, Wi-Fi hookup, cup holders and folding tray table/steering wheel. Rising two feet off the floor, the Barco Transporter easily passes over thresholds and toys scattered across a room.

The Barco’s flexible design provides angle up and angle down trajectory with a turn of the steering wheel, and adjusts to fit through narrow doorways and corridors. The state-of-the art propo-air-flow motor propels it forward and in reverse.

Every Barco Transporter comes with its own helium tank. And refill tanks are delivered right to your door by a local Barco Transporter helium dealer.

You’ll relax in luxury as the Homestead Barco Transporter whisks you from room-to-room on a cushion of air.

No more sprained ankles from tripping over the dog or cat. No more breathless sprints to the bathroom or panicked runs to the baby’s room. Just speak a command into the microphone, and the Homestead Barco Transporter will take you to your pre-programmed destination.

The Homestead Barco Transporter is available in single or double units, reaches speeds up to ten miles per hour and is tough enough to handle the outdoor elements. Windshield wipers, heated cushions and rumble seat can be purchased separately, along with our highly intuitive one-touch chauffeur sleep mode.

If you order now, you’ll receive a month’s supply of helium and free scheduled maintenance for the propo-air-flow motor.

Why take a chance with physical exercise when you can hover in luxury in a Homestead Barco Transporter, a tech essential for inside and outside the house.

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9 Comments Tech Essential Transporter for the Home

  1. Nicky

    Wait, I have to actually *speak* into this thing for it to bring me to another room? Pffffft. I’ll wait for the deluxe telepathic model to be released, thank you very much. I’d hate to risk spraining my tongue saying “Take me to the crapper” or something equally strenuous.

    1. Lauren

      Hah!And what about homophones? That could be a problem.

      Maybe the next model will have a telepathic module. But it might be dangerous for people who change their minds a lot.

  2. Lisa

    I’ve always wanted a travel transporter like the one in the “fly” movie. Why wait in traffic – just go inside this thing and you are there in a second.

  3. Jay

    Hi Lauren,

    Wow, what a device. So, this thing actually transports you from one place to another? It’s like a hover device? This sounds pretty neat and cool.
    Thanks for sharing this info 🙂


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    1. Lauren

      Yes, it’s like a hovercraft. It’s half fantasy, half futuristic reality. I fabricated some of the functions. It probably wouldn’t be used in the house.

  4. June O'Hara

    Ten miles and hour and WITH windshield wipers…A must have! Why do you always think of these things first?

    And from a different angle, BWWWAAAHHHHHHHHH!

  5. June O'Hara

    Ten miles and hour and WITH windshield wipers…A must have! The visual is beautiful!

    Why do you always think of these things first?

    And from a different angle, BWWWAAAHHHHHHHHH!

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