The Onion Book of Known Knowledge [Hardcover] – You Can Kill Flies with It!

Just as the onion is a staple in the kitchen… The Onion is a staple in satire… “Since its founding by a Prussian tuber farmer in 1756, The Onion has expanded into an omnipotent news empire, with a Peabody Award-winning 24-hour cable news network…” Rightfully, skewering empty-headed cretins with its tuber farmer wit.   The Onion Book of Known… Continue reading

Shit Happened! Rain, Snow and Windbags at the Polls

In two weeks, a hurricane, election and nor’easter passed through the collective consciousness – I wasn’t conscious. A week without electricity, another (almost) without cable, rendered me comatose. On election day, a political discussion with a member of the opposing party didn’t go well. Not a good day to discuss politics. Note to self. The week… Continue reading