More Planes in the Sky – Less People on the Ground.

Caution: Low Flying Planes Image via Wikipedia  A letter in support of more commercial flights over quiet bucolic communities.  Dear Editor, A recent FAA directive rerouting flights from major city airports over suburban areas is a much-needed public initiative. The directive will greatly improve the lives of neighborhood residents by keeping people inside away from… Continue reading

APB out on missing muse! BY-NC 2.0 Officer: Description of Muse? Me:        I’m drawing a blank. Officer: Height, weight . . .? Me:        I’ve got nothing.   This is a repost from November 2009; dedicated to Kathy, an extremely talented blogger, the brains behind The Junk Drawer, and author of the recent post “I Lost My… Continue reading

Browsing the Job Market Shelves

While searching for jobs on,, or, I always stumble upon job descriptions with spelling mistakes or over-the-top requirements. So, I’ve compiled a list of those jobs and have categorized them by market. UPSCALE NICHE EMPLOYERS Agency Account Executive for Stand-up Comedian Boutique agency and marketing services firm is lost without you. Well,… Continue reading