Low Fly Zone

Aeronautical Abstract: Pilots with ADD (Altitude Dysfunction Deficit) Ten Warning Signs that a Pilot has Altitude Dysfunction Deficit: • The pilot radios ahead for you to move your lawn furniture • You can read the part number beneath the plane • The Cessna fights for a spot at the bird feeder • You can identify… Continue reading

Jobless Purgatory

Out of work! Out of sight! Out of mind! The unemployed exist in an alternate universe where Oprah lives and offers a world of possibilities, while Monster.com and HotJobs.com only offers virtual promises. I Love the Smell of Wite-Out in the Morning Wite-Out is one of those distinctive odors found in an office. I didn’t… Continue reading


I sit in the darkness of daylight, a shadow on the wall, seeking colors while lingering in grays. No one is here but silent enemies, malice and doom, fear mongers whistling away the day. Outside, green glistens beneath a sky so blue it hurts my eyes. In the old days, a step into sunlight and… Continue reading