Clueless About Remotes

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How many remotes does it take to change a channel?

It depends upon what mode you’re in: DVD, TV, TiVo, or DVR (Digital Video Recorder).

When it comes to remotes, I’m usually in split-spleen mode because my technological knowledge only includes TV on and off, channel up and down and volume loud and soft.

I think TV remote management skills are inherent in the male DNA. I don’t mean to sound sexist, but I don’t know a remote thing about remotes, yet my husband and son do.


Haunted by the Plants I Kill – I See Dead Perennials!

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Confession of a Serial Plant Killer 

Repotted Post from the Cellar.



This is the third day of my incarceration at a maximum-security garden center.

The florist glares at me from behind a bouquet of roses armed with tiny Samurai spikes.  And she thinks I’m the dangerous one. I think we’re both the same, but she’d disagree.  She cuts off the stems of plants. I cut off their heads. They look better that way.


Bring it! Write 400 Words and You Could Be Winning!


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My Dog Rocks!


Jenny Relaxes on Boulder

Hurricane Irene Shut Us Down – Part 2

Our generator kept v-rooming along while my emails kept accumulating in Internet limbo.

Hurricane Irene Shut Us Down – Part 1

Hurricane Irene Shut Us Down – Part 2

Taken with my dumb phone from my car

On Monday, we foraged the town gas stations for petrol.

To get to the main street, we had to negotiate the back roads crammed with downed wires and trees, searching for the alternate route du jour.

Once we made it through the hurricane obstacle course, we arrived at Route 116 and a dark traffic light.

No electricity, therefore no petrol.

Connecticut Light and Power (CLAP) shut down the entire grid, which included the 4% that had power, bringing the total number of homes without electricity to 100%.

“It was a safety issue. Dumbasses on the street touching live wires.”

The 4% that had power by an act of God, then lost it by an act of bureaucrat.

They shut them down without warning.  No robocall or knock at the door.  Just a rare meatloaf dead in the oven.

The 4-percenters complained on the local Internet boards with their Smart phones. Not too smart bitching to the 96% that never had lights.





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