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Hurricane Irene Shut Us Down – Part 2

Our generator kept v-rooming along while my emails kept accumulating in Internet limbo.

Hurricane Irene Shut Us Down – Part 1

Hurricane Irene Shut Us Down – Part 2

Taken with my dumb phone from my car

On Monday, we foraged the town gas stations for petrol.

To get to the main street, we had to negotiate the back roads crammed with downed wires and trees, searching for the alternate route du jour.

Once we made it through the hurricane obstacle course, we arrived at Route 116 and a dark traffic light.

No electricity, therefore no petrol.

Connecticut Light and Power (CLAP) shut down the entire grid, which included the 4% that had power, bringing the total number of homes without electricity to 100%.

“It was a safety issue. Dumbasses on the street touching live wires.”

The 4% that had power by an act of God, then lost it by an act of bureaucrat.

They shut them down without warning.  No robocall or knock at the door.  Just a rare meatloaf dead in the oven.

The 4-percenters complained on the local Internet boards with their Smart phones. Not too smart bitching to the 96% that never had lights.


Hurricane Irene Shut Us Down – Part 1


Last Sunday, rain, wind and locusts descended upon Ridgefield, CT, courtesy of Hurricane Irene.

What a mother — She bitch-slapped our house.

Photo from the Ridgefield Patch

We received the alert Saturday via robocall. Connecticut Light and Power (CLAP for short) advised us to prepare for the worst and expect the worst or something.

“The Hurricane isn’t so bad,” I told my husband Jim late Saturday night in the early stages of Armageddon.

“Just you wait,” Jim warned. “First Selectman Rudy told us it would be bad. He said, ‘When the power goes out.’ No ifs, ands, or buts.” I hate it when Jim is right. Hurricane Irene walloped our town during the predawn hours.

A CLAP worker called it.  “Power DOA at 5:45 a.m.” (more…)

Hurricane Irene – Connecticut Diary 1


Friday, August 27

7:37 p.m. – A pinkish blue sky, with a white streak of clouds, grows darker as I write these words.

No rain or wind yet but I fear the entire sky will soon turn black. Is this a foreshadowing of things to come?

The phone rings at approximately 8p.m., a robo-call from the First Selectman, a.k.a. dah Mayor. It’s an election year, but the call is not blatantly political.

Just letting us know he’s not on vacation.

The First Selectman advises me (and others like me) what the town has done to prepare for the storm.

A leaner

A leaner after Hurricane Sandy 2012

“There will be shelters available for the displaced.”

I’m always displaced.

“We will advise you of the locations at a later time.”

Before or after cell towers become airborne projectiles?

Saturday, August 28

9 a.m. – Rain falls from the colorless sky and then slaps the ground.  No wind yet in real-time. Just blowhards spewing doomsday warnings on TV.

“Stock up on canned food, water, and batteries!”

For vibrators or flashlights?

“Stay off the roads after midnight!”

Just a typical Saturday night.

9:21 a.m. – Another robo-call. This time from Connecticut Light and Power.

“We are doing everything possible to prepare for the storm.”

Making hotel reservations for the CEO?

“Assume all downed wires are live.”

I never considered an inanimate object a living creature before.

“Crews will work round the clock to restore power after the storm. But power may be out for days or longer.”

We’re going to need a bigger generator.

TV news continues to report on the hurricane as if the storm has already blown the east coast to smithereens. Panic reaches a new high as the news reaches a new low. They love to stoke the fear and incite chaos thus creating more news to fill the 24-hour cycle.

More hurricane news later.

Unless Connecticut Light and Power pulls the plug.

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A Twitter Story in 140 Characters.

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