Think Spin Grand Reopening After Extreme Blog Makeover

Earlier this week, I told you about Think Spin’s extreme blog makeover by the talented blog plastic surgeons at If you lower your gaze to the picture below, you’ll see the old me where I look like a Rabbi.


Now, look out below at my blog makeover logo. I hope you love it as much as I do. To see the bigger picture, please mosey on over to my new digs at

You see, in addition to having a fancy new blogdo, I’m moving to my own domain at There’s still some minor tweaking going on, e.g. getting my blogroll in order and waiting for all my Disqus comments to move in. Their truck is rather slow.

So, please change your feeds and add to your blogrolls, which are a lot like egg rolls without the MSG, but just as tasty.

Jen a.k.a. Redheadranting and CG CardioGirl did an incredible job. I can’t say enough good things about them. They are amazing to work with and have a wonderful blogside manner.

I highly recommend signing up for bloggy rehab at if your blog is in need of an attitude readjustment. Yo, that’s the official Extreme Blog Makeover badge below with a link to the seven-step program.

Tribal Blogs Extreme Blog


Vin Jaune (Image via Wikipedia   

I hope to see you at my new home. You’re welcome to stop by anytime. Mi casa es su casa.

Before you leave, please have some wine and cheese.  It’s my treat.

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In Dog We Trust

Mixed-breed dog doing dog agility Mix of a Que...Image via Wikipedia

Barking Up the Far Right Tree in Straw Poll, Iowa

With a purebred to mutt ratio of 2 to 1, the recent Iowa vote reflected the views of the majority of Straw Poll voters, the Bulldogs and Hounds.

When asked if Dog belonged in politics, Harry Hound bayed, “Buuuuuuuuut of course, who better to keep the American mutt in a pack-speak mentality than an Alpha Dog.  Society is more orderly with Dog in charge.”

The others in the crowd agreed, wagging their tails in unison while peeing on a portion of lawn fashioned after the Constitution.

Harry Hound added. “It says right here on the grass, written in poo, ‘In Dog We Trust.’”

“Isn’t it true that you’re dyslexic,” Rabid Reporter said.

“We’ll leave that decision to the citizens of this taerg country.”

Mutt onlookers sat watching from the gallery, with ears pinned back, tails stuck between their legs; they started to howl, “Owwwwwt! Kick the bitches Owwwwwt!”

The Mutts panted nervously, as Maggie Three Breeds nosed her way through the crowd and nudged Rabid Reporter’s hand.

“I’d like to make a statement,” Maggie said, hocked up a grass loogie and continued. “Every family unit is a pack with its own Dog in charge. Putting the pack and Dog into politics is a dangerous precedent,” she warned.

“Then, the Buck doesn’t stop here. The Buck stops by the banks where the only cash flows and gets mauled by Paper Pusher Predators that corral all the Bucks and Does. No, Dog does not belong in politics. Dog belongs in the home with the family pack.”

Happy barking echoed from the Mutt gallery crowd.

“And out!” Rabid Reporter said, then followed Harry Hound’s scent to the staging area that reeked of expensive pee. “Would you like to respond to what Maggie Three Breeds said?”

After Harry Hound finished licking his balls, he turned to address the purebred elite.

“Dog rules. Mutts drool,” Harry shouted. “Without Dog in politics, all the mutts would run free, muddying the culture of our purebred theocracy. Long live Dog. In Dog We Trust!”

After the howling subsided, the Dog handlers grabbed the voters and shoved them into their pens.

“It’s better if they think that they’re in charge,” Big Biz said, and lugged the purebreds to the next stop on the low road of the Dog and Ponzi show.

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Think Spin to Get an Extreme Blog Makeover By




Think Spin is getting a whole bloggy makeover, a little nip, a lot of tuck with a brand new chassis. After two plus years of wear and tear on the old blog template (and an early birthday gift), I was inspired by June at the Neurosis File to get the makeover after the fabulous blog work she had done.

Since the Neurosis File went under the knife several weeks ago, it looks years younger and has a bounce to its step thanks to the blog plastic surgeons at

The cyber surgeons, Jen of and Cardiogirl of have a wonderful blogside manner. They explained each step of the process to me in simple non techno-speak terms and made sure that my eyes weren’t crossed before they rolled the gurney into the OR.

The new Think Spin is a work in progress, which is inherent in the luminescent sparks, floating orbs, and glint of light only seen through night vision goggles. On Wednesday, we will cut the ribbon and lift the veil for a viewing of the Think Spin blog reveal. Virtual wine and cheese will be served. You’re welcome to bring a guest and leave a comment at the door.

Yes, my friends. Change is scary but inevitable. “Just build it and they will come.”  Don’t listen to the naysayers.

You can’t handle the change!

Yes, you can!

Go away negative shoulder jockey. This blog is going to make some change.

Gone through any changes lately beside the change of life? I’m still riding that Tsunami.

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I’m Plotzing over Jewish Life TV!

at homeImage via Wikipedia

I’ve got a new guilty pleasure. Can you guess what it is?

Already you’re discouraged.

Wait until you hear.  I’m dying to tell you … I’m absolutely spritzing.

While channel surfing through our new cable program line up, I tripped over Jewish Life TV, fell down, and couldn’t get up.

God, I’m such a klutz. 

But instead of calling a lawyer, I sat in stunned paralysis, staring at the TV with my mouth open …

Keep your mouth shut!

… and watched a commercial about the Jewish Basketball Hall of Fame, a video of famous twentieth century Jewish basketball players.

I didn’t know there were any Jewish basketball players.

What chutzpah!!

But I was hooked. I tell you. I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

With such mashugana programs as Mensch Life with David Grossman and Doris Epstein, the comedy/talk show, James & Sunda, and their faux sponsor Neurotic Star.

James said (paraphrasing) that “after drinking Neurotic Star he became obsessed about a girl he called, wondering why she never called him back until he realized he had never called her in the first place.”

And other fakakta shows like Jewish Music Video Countdown (in Hebrew), Kosher Organic Ranchero, and Talkline with Zev Brenner.

I had finally found my temple and it cost me bupkis. I should be so lucky to afford a ticket to Friday night Shabbat  But now I didn’t have to because of The Beat : Shabbat Medley.

I’m farklempt!

I found God on cable and will watch JLTV religiously. It should be played frame-by-frame on TiVo. After all, no good comes out of hurrying.

So, this I tell you with a heavy heart. Light hearts are too skinny, and you really need to put some meat on your bones.

Don’t be a nebish and miss TV’s greatest mitzvah, or you should get a stomach cramp and die!

I love you JLTV. Thanks to you now, I have two Jewish mothers in my life.

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Big Biz Cuts Jobs and Runs – Updated w/Newell Rubbermaid Response

Apparently, all corporations aren’t part of the evil empire. Earlier today, a representative of Newell Rubbermaid contacted me to clarify the LA Times article I cited in my post yesterday.

Hi Lauren, just read your blog with interest. I’m with Newell Rubbermaid and wanted to clarify something from the LA Times article. We actually are continuing to hire in the U.S. but not as rapidly because the market is highly developed. Meanwhile, as we introduce our brands to new countries we need to hire local salespeople and other local staff to support those launches. We are not “sending jobs” overseas just generating new local jobs to support new local sales in new countries.

In fact, growing overseas means we need to hire additional people in the U.S. to manage those people overseas, as well as develop new innovative products for those markets, etc. So overall in Newell Rubbermaid’s case when we can grow internationally, we often continue to add U.S. jobs.

It was unfortunate to be included in the LA Times article mentioning companies laying people off because we are not doing layoffs.

If you are interested in discussing feel free to call me.


Next time, instead of depending upon the LA Times to do their DD, I will search the far reaches of the Intertubes to fact check articles I intend to cite.

To quote the folks from South Park, “You know, I’ve learned something today.”

We shouldn’t believe everything we read. Just because something is printed in black and white doesn’t mean it’s true. Reading a newspaper article should be regarded with the same skepticism as say, a doctor’s diagnosis. It’s always a good idea to get a second or third opinion.

“Newspaper people have a habit of putting you in the front pages to sell their papers, and then after they’ve sold their papers and got big circulation’s, they say, ‘Look at what we’ve done for you.’”

John Lennon

I leave you with several links to fact-checking sites:

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