100 Words of Attitude

Literary Agent, Janet Reid, periodically holds a flash fiction contest (100 words or less) at her blog.

For the last contest, we had to include the following words:


I didn’t win but had fun writing this 100-word piece.

Warning: Left-wing political satire. Last chance to bail out before I rip dimwit Mitt and the far right twits. Sounds like a Doo-Wop group.

Double Trouble

In the Spin Galaxy of the Wingnut Zone, King Rush’s dimmer twin, Putz, hijacked the royal space bubble with cyborg pal, Trouble.

Equipped with sunspot acceleration, the bubble popped into the earth’s atmosphere above the Cayman Islands. After pinpointing the location of the 1% vault, Putz said, “Trouble, you’re programmed to become Mitt Romney’s double with a hint of Groucho wit.”

“That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard,” said Trouble. “Romney’s a bigger stiff than Nixon.”

“Silence! We proceed as planned. Kidnap Mitt, strap him to the roof of the bubble and travel the universe until after the election.”

Note the effects of centrifugal force from riding on the roof of a space bubble.

Mitt Romney - Caricature

Mitt Romney - Caricature (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

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  1. ReformingGeek says:

    Haha!  Good job, Lauren!

    “I wish I were ThinkSpin’s twin, double trouble, certainly not living in a bubble.”

  2. Jayne

    Very clever!  Love the image of Romney strapped to the roof of the bubble.   BAHAHAHA! This looks like it was fun.  I’ll have to go visit her blog.  

  3. THE SNEE says:

    Really funny Lauren! I’m amazed how you can cleverly spin a bunch of random words together. LOL! I also like your “Warning” at the top

  4. Aschatria Xyana says:

    Note the effects of centrifugal force from riding on the roof of a space bubble.” that may influence his noble face to look more like a donkey, but a poor person is not to blame forTHAT!

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